Kaffee lieben und leben

Seit mehr als 10 Jahren zelebrieren unsere SCA zertifizierten Barista (Speciality Coffee Association) Kaffeekultur in Tirol/Österreich. Seither ist ein ganzes Unternehmen rund um das Thema Kaffee in Innsbruck gewachsen. Die Leidenschaft zu unserem Beruf leben wir als Barista täglich in unseren eigenen Cafès aus. Manche sagen: „Das beste Café der Stadt“ – „The best coffee in town“. Kommen Sie vorbei und finden Sie es heraus!

Wir verbinden Genuss, Leidenschaft und Temperament. Für uns ist Kaffee mehr als ein koffeinhaltiger Wachmacher in den frühen Morgenstunden. Jede Kaffeebohne bedeutet pure Emotion, denn Kaffee wird mit den schönsten Momenten im Leben assoziiert. Jede Tasse Barista Kaffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Filterkaffee, Cold Brew oder besondere Kaffeekreation bei coffeekult ist für wahre Genießer. Unsere erstklassigen Rohkaffeebohnen aus den besten Anbaugebieten der Welt werden speziell erlesen und in der Kaffeerösterei in Innsbruck von unserem mehrfachen österreichischen Barista Meister Cem Korkmaz persönlich und frisch geröstet. In unseren coffeekult Filialen können Sie die ruhige Atmosphäre genießen und sich von einer Tasse perfektem Kaffee beflügeln lassen. Aber auch bei Ihren privaten Events und Veranstaltungen oder Messen müssen Sie nicht auf unsere Kaffee-Spezialitäten verzichten – wir bringen unsere Barista-Künste bei einem Kaffeecatering zu Ihnen und begeistern Ihre Gäste mit verschiedensten Kaffeekreationen.

Sehr gerne teilen wir unsere Leidenschaft rund um die Kaffeebohne und die Kaffeezubereitung – unser Kaffeemeister persönlich ist SCA zertifizierter Barista Trainer und bringt Ihnen die intensive Kaffeekunst bei einem Barista Kurs/Workshop näher. Kommen Sie mit auf eine intensive Kaffee-Reise, tauchen Sie ein in vollmundige Duft- und Aromawelten mit coffeekult und unserem Kaffeemeister Cem Korkmaz!


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Tiroler Barista Meister

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Tiroler Barista Meister
Tiroler Latte Art Meister

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Österreichischer Barista Meister
SCA Zertifizierter Barista Trainer (Speciality Coffee Association)
Guinness-Weltrekord-Halter „die meisten zubereiteten Cappuccini in einer Stunde“
Österreichischer Vertreter auf der „WBC“ World Barista Championship

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Österreichischer Cezve/Ibrik Meister

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Internationaler Meisterschafts-Juror

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Board Member der SCA Austria & Organisator der Österreichischen Meisterschaften in Tirol

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2015 / 2016

Sieger „Goldene Kaffeebohne“

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2017 / 2018

Fallstaff Cafe Guide Sieger Tirol & Auszeichnung einer der besten Cafes Österreichs

Questo è un tempio della cultura del caffè...un bar che non è un bar , ma un locale in cui il caffè è al primo posto e con esso le colazioni , il caffè in tutti i suoi tipi, il caffè e il caffè americano, il marocchino e il caffe e latte e poi simpatiche e buonissime paste per accompagnare non solo il caffè , ma anche un te' ...la sala è con tavoli che si puo' anche lavorare su pc e fare colazione ... C'est un temple de la culture du café ...un bar qui n'est pas un bar, mais un endroit où le café est en premier lieu et avec lui les petits déjeuners, du café dans tous ses types, du café et du café, du café marocain et du lait et ensuite et de délicieuses pâtes pour accompagner non seulement le café, mais aussi un thé ...la salle est avec des tables qui peuvent aussi travailler sur un PC et prendre le petit déjeuner ...This is a temple of coffee culture ...a bar that is not a bar, but a place where coffee is in the first place and with it the breakfasts, coffee in all its types, coffee and coffee, Moroccan coffee and milk and then nice and delicious pastas to accompany not only coffee, but also a tea ...the room is with tables that can also work on a PC and have breakfast ...
Giovanni Marturano
11:50 08 Dec 17
We found simple but awesome coffee shop in Innsbruck! Love their coffee and cafe. Nice staff!
Jiraporn J
07:12 06 Jan 18
Very delicious coffee and espresso. Loved it. They also have hot chocolate but it wasn't too strong. This is a place for coffee. It is cash only.
Bronson Kurtz
10:54 04 Jul 17
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. Light roasted coffee does exist in Europe. First cup of coffee in months that didn't need sugar to make it drinkable. Chemex and Aeropress options available. I'm a coffee snob. It's gotta be light roast or it's burnt. very happy here. Wifi available to post my review.
Isaac Amaru
13:15 12 Sep 17
Perfect spot for a great coffee& bit of laptop time.
Chris Delaney
21:41 19 Apr 18
Really nice coffee and service
Emre Yagiz
09:09 18 Jun 18
Ordered a large cappuccino - and got one! Excellent coffee, great taste. This was a pleasant change from the small, lukewarm cups of most Austrian coffee shops, which may be famous for their ambience but not for the coffee itself. If you're a coffee lover like me and disappointed with the coffee shops, check this place out. They have another branch in the old town, same name and logo.
16:14 10 Aug 18
Just if you love coffee like I do . So this is a place you can't miss by visiting Innsbruck.. most of the other coffee places are ??? so save your time and join this !
matko mlynar
09:23 30 Aug 18
This is the best coffee you can get in Innsbruck. You would expect it to cost a lot with this quality but it is actually incredibly cheap. The atmosphere is really comfortable and it is mostly visited by students. You even get little pictures made of milk foam into your cappuccino. All in all I can really recommend it!
Paul Almeno
16:58 09 Nov 18
Coffee place for coffee lovers. Simple. Well priced delicious coffee
Katherine wookie
15:56 28 Jan 19
Best Coffee in Town
Stefan Hofer
14:32 07 Aug 19
Great service .. clean and very comftorable
Marko 325
07:01 12 Sep 19
Best coffee and very nice staff ??
Christian Thoma
13:08 29 Sep 19
Great coffee!
Mercedes C
15:50 02 Nov 19
Best coffee in town! The place is small and cozy, most ideal for a quick coffee and not for a stay in and talk, and the quality is really something. Great plus: they sell their reusable coffee cup! Highly recommended
Caterina Portesi
12:48 10 Nov 19
Nice cappuccino and cozy environment.
Adam Tai
14:55 03 Dec 19
I've been visiting this one for years now, probably since it opened, I don't remember. I always feel very welcome firstly because the staff is nice, secondly the smell of coffee is just lovely. They have literally the best coffee in Wilten, maybe even the entirety of Innsbruck. They also make their coffee and I think all the other stuff out of fair trade beans, and all the drinks they don't make themselves lice Iced tea etc. is fairtrade too (I would recommend Makava Iced tea if you're lookin' for a refreshment). For me, an Internet caffee like this comes in handy when I have a lot of work to do and am too lazy to actually make my own coffee. I can just get out my macbook, plug it in and work for hours without being disturbed, wich is why I come here instead of doing my work at home or in school.I love this place, definitely go there if you're visiting Innsbruck.
Beep B00p
11:33 14 Feb 20
You will find here everything that you need for a productive afternoon. Good wireless lan, electricity sockets, good tables for your laptop and amazing coffee for a great price. I do not know any place in Innsbruck where you would get a cappuccino for EUR 1,80 and especially with this quality. Yes, it is self service and the interior is not a hipster room but I like this place . Go check it out by yourself ??
Mario Tuta
14:29 13 Nov 17
Nice coffee, no washroom though
Abhishek Jain
10:20 09 Jul 18
2 euro for a big cup of delicous coffee with fruity tones, seems fair to me
Marcel Wenting
16:48 20 Sep 18
Nice place for a good coffee
Jaime Osorio B.
08:05 02 Nov 19
Very nice coffee, quiet place
Kostas Tsamis
12:26 24 Dec 19