Sanremo Allground Grinder


Three grinding classes to choose from: Espresso Filter Moka Turn the ring nut. Choose your granulometry. It’s that simple! Endless daily combinations. To indulge your every desire.



Introducing the perfect companion to your CUBE.

High-precision grinding for your home, cafe or professional environment to unleash the grain’s aroma and its irresistible fragrance.

Play with the revolving ring nut and design your perfect cup!

It’s time to be your own barista.

Technical Features

  • Ring nut micrometric with continuous grinding adjustment
  • Adjustable fork with support
  • Burrs made with M340 steel, 64mm diameter, and titanium coating
  • Up to 1.400kg of coffee
  • Adjust dose in seconds
  • 9kg net weight
  • 250g coffee bean hopper capacity
  • recommended consumption up to 1kg per day

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