Yes, we roast“ – this is somehow our favorite sentence!

Because: YES indeed, coffeekult roasts raw coffee beans from all over the world itself. Right in the heart of Tyrol, directly in Innsbruck, gently and with a lot of craftsmanship and coffee know-how.

Coffeekult is not just ANY coffee: We source the raw material directly and from the best growing regions in the world, and we have had a deep connection with many of our coffee farmers for years. So, you have the agony of choice!

“Standard” is only applicable to us in terms of consistent quality, but not in the  coffee bean selection. Our roasts will amaze you; this variety of flavors and nuances will turn you into a true coffee lover!

You don’t have to be an “expert” for Coffeekult coffee roasts; we have something for every taste and for every brewing method. Whether it’s an elegant espresso machine, a simple moka pot, a stylish French press, or a coffee automatic machine – it always depends on the coffee beans, which simply have to be lovingly and professionally refined. And that’s exactly what happens in our in-house raw coffee bean roasting. Now you know: YES,

How do we roast? 

Until it pops!

“And it burns, burns, burns…” – who doesn’t know this legendary song by Johnny Cash!

It’s also a little bit on fire in our coffeekult roastery, but only very gently. This is how we refine our raw coffee beans with the so-called DRUM roasting.

Drum roasting is the classic way of roasting. Small quantities of raw coffee are heated from the outside in a rotating drum, gently roasted, and then slowly cooled with air. This allows us to evenly and gently heat the beans. Because burnt coffee was a thing of the past.

Baristas today roast much more gently and slowly, because that’s the only way we can bring out the best flavor from each bean!

coffeekult roasts almost daily – carefully and hand-made in Tyrol – in small batches, so we can always offer you the freshest coffee.

When it “pops,” it gets exciting! Because the so-called “First Crack” is an important moment at coffeekult, almost everything stands still in the roastery. The uniform cracking of the coffee beans during the roasting process sounds like the popping when making popcorn. The beans also increase in volume significantly and crack, and from that point on, we refine our coffee beans properly: Each coffee bean is different, each growing region, and each bean variety requires its own treatment and precise control after the “First Crack.” Here we incorporate our coffeekult know-how so that you can take your perfectly roasted coffee home.

Where do we roast?

Where the white smoke rises!

Our coffee roasts are HAND-MADE IN TYROL! The coffeekult coffee roastery is located in the historically significant district of Wilten in Innsbruck, near the Wilten Basilica.

If you occasionally see white smoke rising above the roofs, it’s not the next papal election but the wonderful start of freshly roasted coffee beans.

With our drum roasters, we follow an old artisanal tradition: Small pan, ball, or drum roasters were typical kitchen utensils in the 18th and 19th centuries and could be found everywhere. Either pots with sliding or folding lids were used, and the coffee beans were roasted directly on the stove over an open fire, or drum roasters made of sheet iron were used, where the beans were turned on the embers until they reached the desired color.

Where chips are planed, chips are known to fall, and where roasting takes place, smoke rises! Because exactly when our coffee beans have browned enough in the drum roaster, it’s time for cooling, and at this point, white smoke comes out of the coffeekult chimney. It might not be the election of a pope, but freshly roasted coffee has seen the light of day.

Why roast? 

For your “WOW”!

No matter how you prepare your coffee, we are responsible for the WOW factor.

Our coffeekult coffee beans are ideal for your espresso machine; they will surely become best friends. But the moka pot will also heat up quickly when it gets to know our roasts from Ethiopia or Peru, for example. The French press will also be impressed or quietly whisper “bonjour mon amour” to the coffeekult.

Enough with the flowery descriptions!

A WOW should come out of your mouth when you drink coffeekult coffee, and you can achieve this WOW with all sorts of coffee preparation methods. At the coffeekult roastery, we will be happy to advise you on which coffee and especially which grind are ideal for the respective machine or preparation method. We are prepared for everyone and everything: Espresso machine (portafilter) (Siebträger), French Press, Moka pot, filter coffee, Chemex and many more.

What matters? 

Heart and a good touch!

Today, almost everyone is somehow a “barista,” and the term “coffee roaster” is quickly used for one’s own profession. But it’s more than just heating a few beans and waiting for the browning. Coffee must be roasted evenly and gently because about 1000 aromas make up the taste of coffee.

Coffeekult is rooted in the coffee business with a lot of passion.

It all started in 2007 with a love for coffee, and it has grown into a family business that has acquired global coffee expertise. coffeekult can be a little proud at times, as a multiple national and international barista champion, Guinness World Record holder, Austria’s representative at coffee world championships in Colombia and Vienna, certified barista trainer, and international championship judge.

This years-long expertise is not a guarantee of good coffee, but our years of love and passion for the coffee beans are!

Gently, we extract the ideal aroma and the best flavor notes from each raw coffee bean during roasting. And that’s exactly what sets us apart from the major coffee producers, where roasting is too fast and too hot due to industrialized technology, and also from those who just want to roast beans without knowing exactly what they are doing!

Why roast? 

For your “WOW”!

coffeekult freshly roasted coffee 1000

“Just a pack of coffee, please!” Unfortunately, coffeekult can’t provide that! Because we don’t have a “standard coffee,” but many roasts and something for every taste.

Prefer a fruity coffee from Ethiopia, or rather something chocolaty from Äthiopien, oder doch eher Schokoladiges aus Brazil? That’s a fundamental decision for many right from the start.

Some also like to hear the stories behind coffeekult coffee: For example, we work directly and have been for years with Eduardo Hernandez from El Salvador. He and his farmers supply us with “direct trade,” which guarantees them higher and, above all, stable sales. Or maybe a bit of holiday feeling, like “Dolce Vita,” in the coffee, and with it a bit of Italian flair at home? For example, our coffeekult house blends have the typical chocolatey and robust flavor that many know from Italy and also wish for.

Tell us what YOU want, how YOU want to enjoy your coffee.

We can guarantee you one thing: It will be your daily highlight!

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