World of Coffee – coffeekult on tour

With coffeekult in and on the World of Coffee

It´s all about COFFEE, Coffee, Coffee

The „World of Coffee is one of the leading coffee fairs – so also for coffeekult these days a PLACE TO BE! Coffee professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world can this year in Milan look at everything around the topic of coffee, be demonstrated, taste, experience coffee and much more.

coffeekult has embarked on a world journey once again, in search of the finest and most promising green coffee beans on this planet.

However, sustainable and cozy: on the “World of Coffee” is just also the WORLD represented, in the smallest space and the countries in each case in just a few steps!

This much is already revealed: Exciting beans, incredible taste nuances – coffeekult was allowed to taste the diverse coffee world in Milan and we already have many new ideas for new coffeekult roasts – with green coffee beans refined in Tyrol, which will truly blow everyone away in the future.

Exciting insights have offered WEST JAVA and KENYA, but also COLOMBIA, BRAZIL, PERU and ETHIOPIA have more than fascinated us.

Curious and eager to taste it?

Hopefully! Stay tuned, for coffeekult news 2022!


Okay – admittedly: The coffeekult coffee consumption has skyrocketed a bit in Milan! However, not because of a Milanese espresso, which is downright CULT here. Because in 1901, a Milanese patented the first machine for caffè espresso and has since been considered the inventor of Italian espresso. Who knows coffeekult knows, nene, that with the Italian coffee & coffeekult will never become a great love.

We prefer to take a look around the ROASTER VILLAGE at the “World of Coffee”. Like an anthill, the place is teeming with roasters and coffee traders, and you’re immediately swept away by the coffee spirit: a stunning light roast here, a fascinating espresso there. What more do you want than a few more heartbeats – triggered not by caffeine, but by a love of COFFEE that flares up again and again!

World of Coffee – coffeekult on tour

The WORLD IS SMALL, they say again and again!

We now finally have photo proof of this: we also met Imma from Immacoffee at the “World of Coffee”. Okay – admittedly, the Tyrolean with Rwandan roots and her green coffee imported from Rwanda can of course also be found in the immediate vicinity of coffeekult in various ways, for example in the coffeekult coffee from Rwanda

By the way, we have already visited the Rwandan coffee beans. Take a look at the coffeekult BLOG articles: Day 1 to Day 7 – in WELCOME IN RWANDA

It´s all about Friends, Friends, Friends

Memories + Future!

coffeekult doesn’t like to dwell on memories, but watching the World Coffee Championships at the “World of Coffee” (Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, Cezve/Ibrik and Roasting) brings back some wonderful memories of goosebump moments. Why?

For those who have not yet noticed: Cem Korkmaz, owner and founder of coffeekult, has already represented Austria twice at the World Coffee Championships. And it is particularly pleasing that the “new generation” also absorbs the fascination and enthusiasm around the topic of coffee and literally lets it ignite in them.

But coffeekult prefers to deal with the FUTURE!

In 2022, we will continue to surprise our customers with new ideas, new coffee, and continued enthusiasm.

In addition to new green coffee beans MUCH also with a new roaster?

It´s all about FUN, FUN, FUN

So intensively, in just a few days, you can rarely immerse yourself in the WORLD OF COFFEE. Coffee makes coffeekult above all one thing: FUN!

Maybe not everyone likes to hear that, but we stand by it AND some people claim that you can taste that from our roasts too!

So, rejoice with us about COFFEE; a fruit that gives SO MUCH to so many people in the world! It cheers up, gives strength, brings people together, lets experience wonderful moments!


Perhaps until 2023 – @World of Coffee Dubai and Athens!

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