Who invented it? – Exactly: Mom!

Coffee stories for Mother’s Day

My first time!

Kaffee und Mütter gehören irgendwie zusammen! Mit ihnen hat man oftmals das ERSTE MAL, also die erste Tasse Kaffee.

Today, on Mother’s Day, think back: Do you remember exactly how you used to make coffee? I bet your mom was always involved somewhere….

Maybe at the:

….Rausch coffee?

For many, Rausch-Kaffee was probably the first coffee contact in adolescence. “Hotel Mama” is open at all times, even if you don’t get home until the morning after a night of drinking. There are no embarrassing questions, because Mom always notices right away when you don’t want to talk about certain things. Then follows a short nap against the intoxication and afterwards mom suddenly puts a big cup of black coffee on the table.

She probably thinks you’re old enough for the hard stuff now, because before you still had to drink tea or cocoa as a “child”. A cup of coffee to start growing up. And that’s exactly how many people start their own coffee journey, because you have to decide for yourself what will become of black coffee later on. Mom laid the coffee foundation, but all the other paths are taken independently.

….puberty coffee?

Moms never needed many words, because they always sense immediately when something is wrong. “Come, sit down here!” – and the first serious conversations begin, often over a first cup of coffee. The black drink as a connecting link! Mom has all the knowledge in the world, and she is very good at giving advice and support. With a simple coffee she puts us on an equal footing with her, the conversation is at eye level. Sip after sip we talk about love, problems, sorrow, pain.

Often it is hour-long conversations, the coffee keeps lively and connects. The cup is often embarrassed attacked and intimately held, if the topics once a little more piquant, one is a little ashamed. But mom knows exactly: Everything will be fine again, just wait and drink COFFEE!


The most beautiful luxury food in the world often has a miserable start to its own coffee life. Studying too long, endless evening WhatsApp chats with friends, quickly finishing a Netflix series… but the next day starts as usual, hard and early. School is waiting, appointments are waiting. But mom and coffee are always patiently waiting too. The breakfast coffee has long been prepared, everything has to happen quickly in the family routine: “Good morning!

Yes thanks mom I have everything! No, no time, just a quick breakfast, because I have to go.” This is often where the very first grab for a cup of coffee occurs for many, because you’re already an adult and in the thick of life, because school feels like a brutal working world. A quick sip of coffee, out to the bus/bike/moped and “bye mom. See you later!”

Many such Mama-coffee-stories we could bring with coffeekult already in experience, because often just on MAMA is referred, if the question is put after the FIRST TIME coffee.

The enjoyment was never in the foreground, because the “black stuff” has not always tasted good. First it was forbidden to one, because children have not to drink that. Then you finally get it offered and it tastes horrible!

But you don’t want to lose face as a neo-adult, so you keep drinking, gradually adapting the coffee to your own taste: Sugar, milk, cream are added. Later, you prepare coffee yourself and finally discover new possibilities, new flavors – in short, the whole coffee world!

Who invented it? - Exactly: Mom!
Who invented it? – Exactly: Mom!

Our moms are formative, in many ways. Coffee is one of them.

coffeekult is once again allowed to talk out of the sewing box, because in the meantime we were able to identify various coffee moms, or infer about their children (our customers) 🙂

The 4 coffee moms

…. and how to do them good!

  • capsule-mom

She fancies slightly graying and stylish men, such as a certain Mr. George Clooney. And to be able to own a piece of him, at least in her mind, this mom quickly reaches for various colorful capsules from a large coffee capsule manufacturer. The children are usually already grown up and out of the house, so the space in the kitchen can become more manageable.

So out with the old junk and a new, fancy and easy-to-use coffee maker in. These moms know very well: When the child finally comes to visit again, everything has to go quickly so that the valuable time does not go down the drain with the coffee preparation. So put the capsules in, press and enjoy.

(psssssst: You want to do something good for your coffee capsule maker and also for the ENVIRONMENT? coffeekult helps: with freshly roasted coffee, ground and packed in airtight capsules. These are biodegradable and compostable. Mom has the agony of choice: with 2 espresso and one lungo variant!)

  • Grandma-Mom

Your mom also has or had a mom, of course, and she already knew what was good. Many coffeekult customers remember a coffee machine that was always ready and switched on, bubbling away happily in the kitchen. That’s the way their mom taught them to make it, and well-tried can’t be bad. It was a classic filter coffee: huge filter paper and in it oodles of coffee powder.

Slowly, the hot water trickled in, the scent of coffee could soon be smelled throughout the house. The last drops of water made a hissing sound, et voilà, the coffee was ready! Generations have prepared coffee this way – today we would say “old school”: Great-grandma, grandma, mom. Today, thank goodness, the gender roles are distributed differently, there are times when dad, brother, uncle make the coffee. Often just as they had experienced as children.

(pssssst: You want to do something nice for Grandma-Mom? coffeekult also recommends maybe changing the coffee sometimes. Mom deserves the best, of course. Why always buy the 1+1 free coffee in the supermarket that has hardly anything to do with good coffee. Surprise her with freshly roasted coffeekult coffee from Tyrol. Let your mom dive into the many and varied worlds of taste, from the fruity coffee from Rwanda to the chocolaty coffeekult house blend)

  • Italia-Mom

This mom has always spent all her vacations on Lake Garda or Lido di Jesolo. It was the annual summer trip, whether with their own camper or in a cheap hotel. One was a regular, knew the ice cream vendor Luigi personally and the pizza chef Guiseppe served the pizza every time with a twinkle in his eye. It was a perfect vacation world for the whole family. Of course, Mom wanted to have this flair at home, too, and so they switched to a real Bialetti right away: this mocha pot was supposed to bring the vacation home.

For breakfast, when visiting relatives – it was always a symbol of the everlasting vacation at home. What came out was also always very “Italian”, because the finely ground coffee powder from the supermarket was then but a little too fine for the machine, the hot water faltered and so the Plörre quickly became bitter. But no matter: viva Italia! That’s how Mom knew it from her vacation, and that was just as well.

(pssssst: Try not to come across as a know-it-all, but bring Mom a coffeekult coffee that was ground specifically for the Bialetti. First, she will be overwhelmed by the freshness of the coffee, as freshly roasted coffee has much more “wow” factor, and it is ground slightly coarser for the Moka pot, so Mom finally knows how good coffee can taste)

Mamas as a reflection of the coffee time.

Mothers not only write OUR own history, but often also that of coffee. They are the first to pick up on coffee trends and serve them up to the family at home.


Coffee became popular in Europe only at the beginning of the last century and mostly the industry tried to explain how and what good coffee is.

This article from Innsbruck-erinnert.at called “Is there anything for free here?” has summoned 1914 housewives for a “cooking trial.” This text is delightful! How times have changed!


MOMS have long kept up with the times, even when it comes to coffee! The industry is still trying – and often more sophisticated – to “teach” how and what coffee must be.

But mothers have become more critical: Quality, regionality, craftsmanship – even with coffee, this counts more than ever and they have long since recognized this.

coffeekult is naturally delighted, and we always enjoy hosting – older and younger – moms at our coffeekult-workshops, where we can support and assist them with our knowledge.

Last, not least:

THANK YOU to all the moms, your coffee will be unforgettable!

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