The ULTIMATE coffeekult COFFEE GUIDE – 5 Types

Which coffee suits me?

Coffee and the enjoyment of coffee are as diverse as we humans are. There is a huge selection of coffee beans, coffee brewing methods, and, of course, coffee roasts.

Keeping an overview here is difficult. But what is always important: the coffee has to taste good TO YOU.

coffeekult isn’t good at reading coffee grounds, but when it comes to assessing the coffee consumption of our fellow human beings, we do have some experience! Do you want to know which coffee suits you?


Here we go: The ULTIMATE coffeekult COFFEE GUIDE

These 5 TYPES, based on incredibly valid and reliable data sources, have been discovered by the years of coffeekult field research:

  • Foam Lovers
  • Purist
  • Auffi muas i-Typus! (up I have to go!)
  • Perserver
  • Eh ois wurscht-Typus (nothing matters!)

Foam Lovers

The Foam Enthusiast is all about one thing: there must be a lot of HEART in the coffee. And let’s be honest: when something is made with a lot of HEART, it tastes better! This type enjoys cappuccino in all its forms, literally. No matter what shape is on the milk foam, it makes their own heart leap with joy. Foam enthusiasts are animal lovers; they also like swans and even a little piglet brings them joy. But nature lovers also attract this type: a tree, a leaf, or a tulip not only prompt them to grab their camera quickly but also help them enjoy their coffee more.

Speaking of coffee: Foam enthusiasts appreciate not only the “chocolaty” coffee, such as our coffeekult coffeekult House Blends #2 and #3, but also often try to add some excitement to their coffee. Lately, they have been turning more to fruity roasts, such as those from Ethiopia. Every tulip and heart blooms even more, and even a little piglet can squeal with joy! Sugar and spoons are absolute no-gos for them because the spoon would destroy every coffee pattern, and sugar is simply unnecessary, as the perfect balance of coffee and milk creates sweetness in the drink itself.

Foam enthusiasts are visually focused on coffee, but they carry a big heart within them. Maybe that’s why there’s a “little heart” in their coffee? A scientific parallel study by coffeekult is already underway!

We have also discovered a certain addictive potential in this type; for therapy, we recommend a coffeekult Latte-Art-Workshop. The ability to prepare coffee patterns at home and anytime has a relaxing effect on the psyche of the foam enthusiast.


Purists often come across somewhat aggressively to their fellow human beings. Their “no, no, no” when it comes to coffee consumption is perceived as too harsh and direct. They love their coffee PURE, simply coffee – ideally as an espresso! No to milk, no to sugar, no to too much water. They love the PURE taste in all its fullness.

A sub-type is the “Italian Purist,” who is more inclined towards dark roasts in espresso consumption, but research on the subject of coffee and perfect coffee enjoyment has been gradually reducing this sub-type, or relocating it around Lake Garda in recent years. Purists are also known to be very adventurous; they can be recognized by their greatly dilated pupils: they love surprises in coffee flavor, and as the synapses in the various regions of the brain start to work explosively, this leads to the dilation of the pupils.

Especially coffeekult coffee roasts from beans from El Salvador or Columbia trigger this process after a relatively short time, and they fall into a slightly euphoric state. Purists mentally indulge in colorful worlds because the pure taste experience allows their taste buds to savor real fruits, such as strawberries, pineapples, or peaches. They are considered very communicative and sociable because the exchange of taste worlds is important to them.

This is only interrupted by slurping and spitting sounds, as this type usually has only one spoon in their own kitchen, the so-called cupping spoon. With this personal training device, they try to discover and explore new coffee worlds through coffee slurping and spitting. Occasionally in so-called Cupping-Workshops with like-minded people, as part of a coffeekult therapy session.

Caution: this should not be confused with the spitting of a llama, which is to be understood as a threat. Purists are considered peace-loving and pleasure-desiring!

Auffi muas i-Typus! (up I have to go!)

The Mountain Climber type has only one goal: to reach the summit! Not just the summit of pleasures but also the actual peaks of mountains. They are very agile and athletic, or adventurous. Tight spaces don’t suit them; they love the wide world and the feeling of freedom.

Mountain Climbers don’t want to be restricted and usually have a coffee-addition disorder, which we would rather call an additional benefit. Their mobility in coffee consumption also leads them to carry mobile coffee devices with them: AeroPress, Nanopresso or French Press literally express their sense of life. Light, agile, always on the move – they are like their coffee-making equipment; the world is their playground, and taste is their reward.

Similar to Purists, they are very selective and adapt their enjoyment experience to the world around them: with a summer 3000-meter peak or a winter ski tour up to the summit cross. The endorphins released during the summit happiness also demand a similarly stimulating effect from the coffee drink on the body. Mountain Climbers especially love the coffeekult Limited Edition of the respective Coffee of the Month. Their coffee world is full of surprises, just like every summit victory and every hike up high! Their equipment is usually rudimentary, except for the coffee equipment. Quality is valued here, and the right preparation is also considered important.

In addition to careful weather study before a tour and meticulous preparation regarding equipment, they also want to have the necessary coffee equipment. They often train themselves weeks before their expeditions and outings because they want to be able to prepare a perfect coffee and shine with knowledge about the fascinating topic of coffee, even when they are at peace and all alone in nature.

Their home is the whole world, but they like to train beforehand at the coffeekult “home barista” workshop to then find their own personal home in the whole world, full of enjoyment!


Endurers are used to the hard life; for them, only one thing counts – to endure! Their coffee consumption is usually casual but still intense! They drink coffee more as key elements of the day or life: just before a university exam, before driver’s license training, in the evening for a study session, or when the beams on the table bend because the stack of work suddenly grows.

This type is characterized by rusticity. Frills are not their thing; it’s about caffeine and its effect, refined in perfect coffee roasts, as prepared by coffeekult.

The method of coffee preparation is not necessarily important to them, but it must be quick and, above all, intense. In recent years, however, there has been a change in preparation: among Endurers, there is a generational split, and this generation gap has created the two sub-types “learn” and “earn.” The EARN Endurer places great value on quality, combined with enjoyment.

Espresso machines adorn their home or office, and they are adept at using them at any time: putting coffee in the grinder, attaching the portafilter, letting the coffee flow into the cup, and enjoying. They can perform this routine in their sleep and often have to do so, as the caffeine kick to persevere often happens very late in the day or just before a challenging task. The espresso machine is usually chic but only a means to an end.

The LEARN Endurer is more spontaneous and chaotic. The method of preparation is not important to them. From the hip Chemex, Bialetti to filter coffee preparation, to , the device must always be within reach and ready for use because it’s about enduring! This sub-type, which is particularly prevalent in the student milieu, sees coffee as a 24/7 consumable: it has to be quick, with coffee beans of the highest quality from a local roastery like coffeekult.

Their unmistakable motto: “bona capulus in corpore sano” – a good coffee in a healthy body.

This type’s name says it all: “Everything is irrelevant!”

Eh ois wurscht-Typus (nothing matters!)

This type’s name says it all: “Everything is irrelevant!”

The Everything is Irrelevant type is characterized by extreme coffee flexibility. Envious and generous people see this as a weakness, but they see it as a strength. They are not interested in coffee, NOT in the bean, but rather in the bean, each individual one is important to them. Beans have always been easy to grow, and their quantity is large. Since the Middle Ages, it has been one of the most important staple foods, but a single bean also had almost no value back then, and no one would lift a finger for a single bean.

The Everything is Irrelevant type has always fought against the “I don’t care about the bean.” Experts in the coffee industry see this approach as an interesting contradiction: they don’t care about everything, but certainly not the individual bean.

This nurturing and caring for the beans give them a wide range of options in consumption: espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee… they are open to all coffee preparations because it doesn’t matter. This is not well-received by many, so this type often enjoys their coffee indulgence secretly in their own four walls. Conspiratorial therapeutic gatherings as part of „Personal coffee coaching at home“ bring like-minded individuals together privately. As broad and diverse as their coffee affinity is, in line with the much-quoted motto “I don’t care about everything,” their choice of coffee beans is equally free and diverse, allowing their own individuality to shine through.

They like to use the coffeekult “Coffee Configurator”to bring the world of coffee home to them in their very own coffee bean blends.

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