Sustainable coffee,4 simple tricks

coffeekult shows you 4 simple tricks to make you more sustainable.

Sustainable coffee – 4 simple tricks

coffeekult… just saving the world.

OKAY, of course we can’t do that alone.

For this it needs exactly YOU, yes – don’t look away now – exactly YOU it also needs for this! So – let’s get started!

Together we can do it. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals sound very challenging, and time is running out. It will be a feat of strength and we will have to drink a lot of strong coffee together to be able to do it. 

We know a little bit about being „GREEN“

coffeekult was nominated for the Energy Globe Austria  in 2021. We still feel honored!

Help out – just a little to SAVE the WORLD.

Sustainable coffee – 4 simple tricks

that make you more sustainable.

1. Coffee, packaging free!

Count the number of bags/packages of coffee you typically use, and then take a look at the materials these packages are made of in your cupboard. While coffee is a perishable product and requires appropriate packaging, there are eco-friendly alternatives you can explore to minimize your environmental footprint. Have you considered transitioning to a more sustainable TO-GO option? Here’s how you can make it work:

coffeekult has just the thing for you: With our reusable cans (deposit 8 euros), you can pick up your coffee directly from our roastery and simultaneously reduce waste. This sustainable solution will bring you joy. Simply bring the can to the roastery, refill it with your desired coffee, and you’ll be saving the environment and your wallet. Additionally, you’ll receive a 10% discount on our coffee beans. The cans are food-safe and provide ideal protection for your beans against light and other external influences.

Sustainable coffee - 4 simple tricks
Sustainable coffee – 4 simple tricks

Don’t need it? You can also recycle normal coffee packaging:

from flower pot, storage box to desk decoration. Of course, this looks even cooler if the logo also looks cool – by that we mean coffeekult of course 🙂

Here is some inspiration:

2. All cups in the cupboard

A really stupid question: Which looks better in the photo? The disposable cups or the colorful cups and bowls? Do you also not always have all the cups in the cupboard, but still plenty of cups in the cupboard?

Who all likes to go or drive on the Patscherkofel, Innsbruck’s local mountain? Hands up!

And now imagine that next to you there is always a stack of disposable cups that accompanies you or FOLLOWS you from Innsbruck up to the Patscherkofel. Not so nice!

In the Tyrolean capital alone, up to 17,000 disposable cups pass over the counters every day. If you then stack this enormous number of cups, you reach the height of the Patscherkofel – AND THAT EVERY DAY. In contrast to Innsbruck’s local mountain, however, the survival time of a disposable cup is vanishingly short. It takes just 10 minutes on average before it ends up, in the best case, in the trash can. Even if the cups are disposed of properly, every single one has a massive impact on the environment.

There is a very simple SOLUTION: get rid of the disposable cups.

Instead, just take your own mug from home, your favorite bowl can accompany you so through the day and that makes it then certainly homier. Or you have a cool to-go cup, ideally made from sustainable materials, which of course also helps the environment a lot. Whether at the coffee machine at the university, in the open-plan office, at the very quick bakery or coffee shop visit on the way to work – your OWN cup, your favorite bowl are a sustainable solution and the coffee tastes better in it.

3. DIRECTly to sustainability

Waste prevention and environmental protection naturally start with FAIR coffee prices. Because only with fair and good conditions on site with the coffee farmers we also support their efforts to become more sustainable. The “coffee price” should and must not only pay for the coffee. The farmers need better prices so that they can also invest, for example in a water recycling system, or in sustainable cultivation. We all as a consumer society have a great responsibility here.

This great project coffeekult looked at in Rwanda: washing coffee cherries with recycled water.

But what is FAIR in the coffee trade? We are asked again and again: Is coffeekult coffee also fairtrade coffee? We then say: NO, better – we have DIRECT TRADE coffee!

DIRECT Trade is becoming increasingly important in the coffee industry: we source from individual coffee farmers or cooperatives, from whom the goods are then also purchased directly. We at coffeekult have known many of the farmers for years. We conclude long-term contracts directly with them or with the importer and are committed to paying a fixed and considerably higher purchase price than is possible via the coffee exchange or Fairtrade.

“coffeekult is not ‘fairtrade’, but instead FAIRER!”

Let’s advocate together for fair production conditions for coffee farmers. It’s not effective if we want to live sustainably ourselves but leave the people in so-called ‘developing countries’ alone! We always closely examine where our coffee comes from. Not only in the coffeekult-BLOG ‘World Tour’, you can learn more about our farmers. Our last coffee trip to Rwanda also gives you a good insight into what coffeekult understands by DIRECT TRADE.

4. Coffee garbage? Does not exist

Let’s be honest: making coffee makes quite a bit of WASTE. We often make too much coffee and then have to throw it away. The coffee grounds are always left over as garbage anyway, and the way coffee is prepared can also quickly ruin your CO2 footprint – just think of the coffee capsules made from aluminum packaging.

But coffeekult has useful tips for that, too:

In the last olor has-vivid-cyan-blue-color”>coffeekult-BLOG , guest blogger Karolin asked us: Are you already saving or still throwing away? Many useful tips were included on how to deal with coffee grounds. You can even smear it on your face.

And: are you still using capsules, or have you already switched to freshly roasted coffeekult coffee? If not yet – coffeekult can help you, too.

With our own coffeekult coffee capsules, which are biodegradable and compostable! So no aluminum waste and no annoying collection of used capsules. You can easily get the coffeekult-capsules for your NESPRESSO®* household machine at home or in the office. AND as you surely know, with this coffee freshly roasted in Tyrol, you are not only doing yourself a favor, but also our environment.

(*NESPRESSO – This brand belongs to third parties who have no connection with coffeekult).

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