Students Welcome – Let´s start with coffee

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coffeekult is, of course, here for everyone! However, in October, we feel compelled to extend a particularly warm welcome and share coffee with those who are arriving more frequently at this time: students from all around the world!


To all new Innsbruck students, welcome to the land of mountains, good air and freshly and locally roasted coffeekult coffee beans!

We hope you’ve all arrived safely, especially those students who are experiencing life away from home for the first time and are in the process of finding their way and settling in. We’re confident that everything will work out well in Innsbruck because, as a student city, the Tyrolean capital has a lot to offer – from advisory services and fantastic sports facilities to a rich tapestry of culture and a diverse array of people, ranging from the ‘Grantler’ to the ‘clown’! You know the saying: ‘Tirol isch lei oans: Isch a Landl a kloans!’ which means Tirol is primarily one thing: a small country. (By the way, be sure to Google how the text continues).

And even in small things, all sorts of things can be discovered!

Students Welcome - Let´s start with coffee
Students Welcome – Let´s start with coffee

Students Welcome – Let´s start with coffee

COFFEE-support! Students Welcome – Let´s start with coffee

What coffeekult can bring to the table: GOOD COFFEE during your study time!

For 15 years, we’ve been dedicated to achieving the perfect cup of coffee, meticulously refining green coffee beans at our coffeekult coffee roastery on Tschamlerstraße. As a result, we’ve become a steadfast companion throughout the academic year for countless students.

Do you want to make coffeekult a part of your student life? We’ve got your back!

You’ll find Innsbruck’s beating coffee heart here:


Then you’ve landed in the perfect spot on this blog because coffeekult is offering a giveaway:

3 COFFEE-STARTER-KITS for the first 2 months of university.

Ideal for those who have recently moved in or out. With this ‘loan,’ you’ll easily get through the first two months without having to stress about your coffee supply and preparation during those early days!


  1. SINGLE Student Kit! For you we have 2 months a stylish French Press from TIMEMORE + hand grinder, including 2 x 250g packs of freshly roasted coffeekult coffee beans of your choice!
  2. HAPPY TOGETHER-Kit! Couples always seem to need more coffee, right? No matter who you’re living with, no matter how close or relaxed your relationship is—the most important thing is that you have each other, and we’re delighted to be a part of your journey! For two months, we’re gifting you the 6-cup Chemex carafe for filter coffee, along with a hand grinder, and not just that—also 2 x 500g packs of freshly roasted coffeekult coffee beans of your choice!
  3. WG-Groupie-KIT! Shared apartments come in all sorts of styles—casual, functional, and even cool! Whether you want to enjoy coffee at home or on a group mountain trip, we’ve got you covered. You’ll receive the Nanopresso WACACO for a 2-month trial, along with 4 packs of coffeekult coffee capsules of your choice. This way, you can fill up your shared apartment coffee capsule machine and also have coffee on the go.


Send us a short email to specifying your KIT type, and you might be fortunate enough to have the KIT at home for two months by the end of the week (October 23, 2022)!

You like the KIT, meaning in this case the device for coffee preparation?

Alright, here’s the deal: during these two months, enjoy your coffee experience with it and the coffeekult roasts, create a brief blog post, snap a few cool photos or shoot some videos. After the two months, the device is yours. And rest assured, we won’t leave you without more coffeekult coffee beans; there will be a little thank-you for your efforts!

BLOG for coffeekult – what should I write about?

We’ve had the pleasure of accompanying many students during their time in Innsbruck with COFFEE, and we’ve been able to convince many of them of GOOD COFFEE. Even former Innsbruck students, from all over Europe, often place online orders for our coffeekult coffee to enjoy at home. Naturally, that always makes us very happy!

We are often a part of a morning wake-up ritual, just like with Karolin. She shared her very personal morning ritual with us as a student and guest blogger some time ago.

For example, in her coffeekult BLOG post, she explained to us in great detail how she prepares her coffeekult coffee every day in the FRENCH PRESS.

Step by step to the perfect COFFEE from the FRENCH PRESS?

….. SO could look for example a coffeekult-BLOG over 2 experience-rich coffeekult coffee KIT months

ABOUT coffeekult – GOOD TO KNOW!

We have been a Tyrolean family business for 15 years, refining green coffee beans from all over the world with great passion and expertise. But that’s not all!

  • coffeekult needs no seals, no traceability labels! We prefer to look and check ourselves, where our green coffee beans come from and especially who is behind it. The coffee farmers benefit more from our DIRECT TRADE than from a seal of quality. coffeekult can pay the higher prices directly to the cooperatives and farmers, this connects and brings real sustainability! This not only results in good coffee, but also in a friendship that often lasts for years! Through the great cooperation of family and friends it is now also possible to export the green coffee without detours and middlemen. Direct Trade – This is what coffeekult calls real sustainability!
  • coffeekult is prepared for the future, we stand on sustainability, recycling and waste reduction! Especially students look at our FUTURE and not only on FRIDAY! (what a pun!). coffeekult was nominated for the “Trigos Award Austria”, we try to be sustainable in all our entrepreneurial areas. We give tips to all our customers in terms of waste avoidance, coffee waste reuse and tackle sustainable coffee enjoyment directly and immediately with a lot of energy, without just talking about it! coffeekult GREEN DAYS, for example, always clarify this on our social media channels and in our blog posts!
  • Last but not least: coffeekult knows a thing or two. We’ve been synonymous with coffee expertise in Tyrol for precisely 15 years, and this expertise is not only appreciated within Tyrol. At this point, we’d like to take a moment to look BACK with you: here’s a blog post on coffeekult’s expertise BUT, even more so, we prefer to look AHEAD with all the students! Because everything keeps getting better, even at coffeekult!

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