Spectacular Sound! 5 vocabulary of the coffee language

Spectacular Sound! Listening into the world of coffee!

This is how you’ll understand your coffee better!

This time, coffeekult shows you the world of coffee from a completely new and almost spectacular perspective. Today, it’s all about LISTENING, because coffee also SPEAKS to us! And we all know that listening is very important – even when it comes to coffee!

Dive with us into these special worlds of sound.

Let’s be honest! With coffee, you almost have a relationship: you see it every morning after waking up, it accompanies you through the day, and often through your entire life. Sometimes you like it, then not so much. It’s there when you need it and even when you don’t want to see it and don’t get along with it. Occasionally, it’s absent for a short time, it’s just not there, and then you miss it especially. And what is always important in a relationship? Exactly: LISTENING!

You never listen to me!

That is probably one of the classic breakup lines in any relationship!

coffeekult is your coffee relationship advisor today. We introduce you to the auditory world of coffee! You can perceive it with all your senses: With the sense of touch, you can gently take the coffee bean in your hands, then with the sense of smell, absorb its different and alluring aromas. Take a close look at it, with your sense of sight, you can recognize the different degrees of roasting and, as a trained coffee lover, also distinguish between Robusta and Arabica. And for many, the taste is crucial. With it, you can taste all the flavors and immerse yourself in the world of coffee. And the sense of hearing?

Spectacular Sound! 5 vocabulary of the coffee language
Spectacular Sound! 5 vocabulary of the coffee language

Listen to the coffee as well!

Coffeekult lets you LISTEN IN to the world of coffee!

  • „pop“ – let it pop like Popcorn
  • “Chill out!” (Age rating 16+ :-))
  • Ops, a fart?
  • „Huiii“ – off we go!
  • “Slurp, smack” – all good?

„pop“ – let it pop like Popcorn

Do you hear that “popping”? It somehow reminds you of a cozy TV evening on the couch: quickly grabbing the chilled beers and roasting some corn kernels in the pan. Plopp, ploppopp…. Yes, that’s exactly how it sounds!

Forget the TV evening and cozy up with coffeekult in front of our coffee roasters! Here, just like in a movie, you can follow an exciting and evolving story and also experience the popping sound.

It is the so-called “First Crack,” an important moment in a coffee roastery, and therefore also at coffeekult, where almost everything comes to a halt. The even cracking of the coffee beans during the roasting process sounds like popping popcorn. As the beans expand significantly in volume and break open, we then truly refine our coffee beans. Each coffee bean is different, every growing region, and every bean variety requires its own treatment and precise control after this “First Crack.” Here, we bring in our coffeekult know-how so that you can take home your perfectly roasted coffee.

If you hear the rather peculiar term “pop,” things get interesting, and the coffee beans want to convey that they now require special attention. If they don’t get it, they’ll quickly become bitter, in the truest sense of the word!

“Chill out!” (Age rating 16+ :-))

Do you hear that regularity in the movements, that slight vibration? The beans seem to be really relaxing. You’d love to caress them now because they’re shining brightly with that beautiful light brown color after roasting. But you’d burn your hands and lips instantly if you tried, because they’re still HOT! Of course, in a different sense.

After the gentle coffeekult drum roasting, they are still very hot and are now in the cooling phase. At this point, they just want to tell us one thing: “Chill out and leave us alone!” Due to their internal heat, the coffee beans continue to roast a little during the cooling process, prompting a collective and deep “ohmm” as they are gently tumbled in the mixer and supplied with fresh air. If you listen closely, the syllables of “ohmm” blend with the sound of “shhh,” because not every bean finds its balance right away, so overall tranquility is crucial.

Listening is the most important thing with this concept, as not speaking can sometimes convey more than a thousand words!

Ops, a fart?

No, it’s not what many might think when they hear that! During every coffee roasting, chemical processes occur, including the production of larger amounts of carbon dioxide. That’s why at coffeekult, we let the cooled and perfectly roasted beans rest for a while.

If they were used right after roasting, the coffee would typically have very strong roasting flavors and wouldn’t taste right; it needs to degas first. As you might guess by now, the coffee beans are very chill individuals. They want plenty of peace and to be left alone.

As they say, sometimes silence is golden! That’s why we let them rest for about 24 hours in the coffeekult containers, enjoying the fresh Tyrolean air. Even during further storage, they still have a small valve so they don’t feel completely “enclosed.”

Occasionally, they still speak up with a small outcry, a very monosyllabic word, something like “Give us a little more time.” In the coffee world, it is said that the bound CO2 in the bean is continuously released, particularly in the first few days after roasting, and this is referred to as the “degassing” of the coffee.

But who knows, maybe the beans are secretly talking to each other the whole time, and occasionally, during a heated discussion, a loud bang or sound emerges!

„Huiii“ – off we go!

Listen closely, do you hear it? That soft “whee” as if they’re sliding down a slide and laughing cheerfully and wildly. As you’ve already noticed, our beans may not be the most talkative, as they say in good Tyrolean, but they are not lacking in eloquence.

Their vocabulary is meager, yet very meaningful! But you don’t always have to talk a lot! A few emotional sounds and words are enough. Here, the coffee beans at coffeekult are at the “VIP check-in counter,” and now they’re off on a world tour! In the packaging station, our refined roasts in Tyrol are filled by hand and carefully inspected, almost like on a coffee runway.

We do this several times a week, with great concentration and lots of love. Our beans are then sent off, perfectly protected and lovingly packaged! This journey leads directly to your home, right to the coffee machine, and further into your favorite cup – either by mail, through our self-service machines, across our counters, or through our electric car delivery service. When you’re at home and open the coffee packaging very quietly, you’ll hear another “whee” because our locally roasted in Tyrol beans are very excited for a long time.

Communication is important! And it takes TWO to do it!

Listening is good, but you can also say something – so engage in communication!

Especially with “moist pronunciation,” coffee understands you very well:

“Slurp, smack” – all good?

It’s a secret language, we have to say that right away. You can listen to the beans, but for active communication, you need a few special vocabulary words and a little language course. You learn this at the so-called Cupping. This is not everyone’s strength because the pronunciation is very wet, especially in the front lip area.

During “Cup Tasting,” the beans are in the more passive role, listening to you more. A little “slurp,” followed by a “spit,” then again a loud “smack” – it can often be wild and intense. Our coffee beans are used to attention, and they value your opinion.

They love it when you throw great words around during Cupping and flatter them, telling them how beautiful and stunning their aroma or body is. They know very well that they can impress with over 1000 aroma compounds and must convince with a unique taste in the coffee cup. The coffee foreign language is not always easy to learn, but coffeekult is happy to give you tutoring at the Cupping-Workshop!

Got it? Hope so!

How would Johann Wolfgang von Goethe say

“Everyone hears only what they understand”

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