Nanopresso WACACO NS adapter


Nanopresso NS adapter, which allows you to use Nespresso® Use original capsules and most common coffee capsules. Here we go: Press the button and enjoy!

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  • Nanopresso Accessories NS ADAPTER (capsules)
  • Compatible with NS capsules


NANOPRESSO was invented by Hong Kong-based startup Wacaco, founded in 2013. The Nanopresso is not a childish gimmick, but was developed by a true connoisseur of the subject. Hugo Cailleton, founder of Wacaco and holder of a master’s degree in industrial design, was involved in the manufacture of home espresso machines for many years. The best ideas always come while traveling, as in this case: he was on a business trip and after a bad espresso in a hotel he was just disappointed. And just like that, the idea of a portable espresso machine was born, allowing users to drink their own beverage on the go. First he built over ten prototypes to test different mechanisms, coffee extraction, product interaction and designs. Twenty months after the trip that changed Hugo’s everyday life, the first injection molds were made.