Hario V60 Dripper “Colour Edition” – Light Blue


The cult hand filter,… Hario V60 Dripper The V60 Coffee Dripper is an evolution of the classic hand filter made of porcelain. The rotationally symmetrical cone shape of the filter enables an even brewing process, allowing the taste of the brewing result to be selectively influenced. Gift packaging includes 40 pieces of filter paper.


HARIO – this company can only be described in one word: CULT. The Japanese company is globally synonymous with aesthetic coffee enjoyment. Founded in 1921, it focused on the production of heat-resistant glass, expanding to household items in 1948, starting with the coffee siphon. This was the starting signal for the top brand among coffee connoisseurs. Their products are part of the basic equipment in many barista cafes. The multiple award-winning grinders contain specially developed ceramic grinders that extract the best from your coffee beans.