Rhino Hand Grinder


The name says it all! This coffee hand grinder is as strong as a rhinoceros. The “Rhino Hand Grinder” is the perfect solution for grinding coffee on the go: whether on a 2000-meter peak, camping in the middle of the forest, or just comfortably at home in the morning after a wild night – with this hand grinder, you are always prepared anywhere. With a little muscle power, you can crank up to 40g of beans for your well-deserved coffee happiness. The precise conical burrs ensure perfect and consistent grinding, thus ensuring  an ideal coffee experience.


  • High-quality stainless steel housing
  • A practical and protective carrying case

“Rhino” – the company name says it all. It’s about power, strength, and passion. These are qualities attributed to rhinoceroses, mammals whose evolutionary history began almost 50 million years ago. The Australian company isn’t quite that old, but its products are well-known and coveted among baristas and throughout the coffee industry. With a “Rhino,” you always have a very robust and durable product, initially developed for use by coffee professionals. The company is well-connected in the coffee community, allowing them to quickly respond to specific needs and challenges. “Our goal is to exceed your expectations” – that’s Rhino’s advertising slogan, and we can only agree. With Rhino products, you’ll have great and long-lasting satisfaction!