Hand Grinder Coffee Mill “Smart G”


With the “Hario Coffee Mill Smart G,” you’ll quickly get the hang of your coffee routine. The ceramic grinder is built into an elegant plastic body, making it compact, lightweight, and durable. A silicone band around the grinder serves as a temporary “parking space” for the crank, ensuring it has a place everywhere and doesn’t get lost. Its fans swear by the “Hario Smart G.” The ‘G’ could stand for Great or Genius. It’s an all-rounder and perfect for grinding coffee for filter coffee, AeroPress, or Chemex, whether you’re cranking it in the living room, kitchen, or bed. Freshly brewed coffee is always a delight, anywhere and anytime! Also available together with the Mobil Mill Stick at a set price.


  • Ceramic grinder
  • Manual coffee grinder
  • Suitable for espresso
  • Removable crank
  • Integrated crank holder


HARIO – this company can be described in just one word: CULT. The Japanese company is globally synonymous with aesthetic coffee enjoyment. Founded in 1921, it has focused on the production of heat-resistant glass. In 1948, they expanded their production to household items, starting with the coffee siphon. That was the starting signal for becoming a top brand among coffee connoisseurs. Their products are part of the basic equipment in many barista cafes. Their award-winning grinders feature specially developed ceramic grinders that bring out the best in your coffee beans.