Hario Filter Paper


Can you still remember the bubbling filter coffee machine of your parents or grandparents, somewhere in the cupboard there were always white or brown coffee filters stored. The classic paper filter is now celebrating its revival, and that at the highest technical level: The “Hario Filter Paper” is a fine-pored cellulose filter of the modern age, skillfully extracting the coffee grounds to preserve flavors and aromas as best as possible. It filters every single flavor nuance from the coffee grounds, allowing you to taste your coffee in a whole new way. What was good in the past cannot be bad today. Retro is in, and your coffee roasts will thank you for it. Available for V60 Dripper sizes 01, 02, and 03!


HARIO – this company can only be described in one word: CULT. The Japanese company is globally synonymous with aesthetic coffee enjoyment. Founded in 1921, it focused on the production of heat-resistant glass, and in 1948, they expanded production to household items, starting with the coffee siphon. That was the starting signal for the top brand among coffee connoisseurs. Their products are part of the basic equipment of many barista cafés. The multiple award-winning mills contain specially developed ceramic grinders that bring out the best in your coffee beans.