French Press TIMEMORE


If you don’t want to be the only eye-catcher in your kitchen anymore, then the “French Press U White” is just the thing for you. It will divert the attention of your visitors and draw it to itself, as it’s not immediately clear what it is. What are you, actually? The answer: a sleek, exceptionally good-looking, and above all, handle-less French press. You don’t come across something like this often, and it’s perfect for any small talk in the kitchen or living room. But more importantly, the “French Press U White” keeps the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee better and longer and is more durable than most other French presses, thanks to its design and materials. 


  • Capacity: 450 ml
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Temperature resistant

TIMEMORE Coffee is a brand that was co-founded by several coffee enthusiasts in 2012, and you can feel their passion reflected in each and every product. Based on the needs of coffee professionals, they produce original coffee machines and accessories. They combine art and craftsmanship, aiming to provide people in the midst of the busy world with a slow enjoyment of life. And honestly, this is apparent right from the start: the high-quality products are visually appealing, stunning and handy in use, and ultimately, with a perfect cup of coffee in hand, life just seems better.