969.coffee Elba 2


Never call it “969,” but rather: nove sei nove! This Italian espresso coffee machine is a luxurious classic with a clear, timeless stainless steel design. The “Elba 2” is very compact for a reason: during development, a hot water outlet (for tea water) was deliberately omitted to make the espresso machine as slim as possible. It is a perfect dual-circuit portafilter machine with beautiful wood accents for your daily “espresso bar experience.” You can certainly impress your guests at home with it. Available in several color variations!


  • Stainless steel body
  • Two-circuit thermosiphon system
  • Copper boiler with anti-oxidation treatment
  • Completely removable drip tray for easier cleaning
  • Sliding cup tray mounted on ball bearing rails
  • Walnut wood portafilter and accessories


Handmade in Italy, and made with a lot of heart! Because behind 969.coffee, there is a love story. At the end of 2014, Mariano Matiz, who himself had been working in the coffee industry for many years, had the idea to start his own coffee machine company. What was missing was a catchy name! With 969 – or nove sei nove in Italian – he dedicated the newly founded brand 969.coffee to his enchanting wife Silvana, as 1969 is her birth year. The coffee machines are therefore crafted in Italy with great love and craftsmanship. The idea was to offer everything from a single source, from the coffee machine to the accessories! In 2015, the home machine project “Elba” was launched, which immediately became a great success. With a “969.coffee Elba 2,” you can bring true love and life from Italy into your own four walls!