coffeekult Home Blend #2


Arabica/Robusta espresso blend, from the coffeekult coffee roastery, 80% Arabica & 20% Robusta Taste profile: nutty/chocolaty, roasty flavors, robust € 33.60/kg


Italy – so close yet so far. The best espresso, delicious pizza, breathtaking coastlines, and the finest aperitifs – La Dolce Vita, indeed! This year’s motto is: “How do I bring the Italian flair home?”

An Italian blend interpreted in a Tyrolean way

Italy is not just a holiday or travel destination, but for many people, it embodies “Dolce Vita” – the sweet life. With this roast, you can easily conjure the Italian way of life into your cup and your life at home. This “bear-like” espresso blend is characterized by its typical chocolatey and robust flavor, making a strong appearance, just as many know it from Italy and wish for at home. This will make your day simply “bello,” beautiful! One hundred percent – 100%!

Blend = different coffee varieties mixed together

Why is this done? The main reason is that with coffee blends, it is easier to ensure a consistent taste. – Since coffee is a natural product, the roaster must constantly test to compensate for flavor variations.