coffeekult coffee Colombia


Colombian coffee, from the coffeekult coffee roastery, 100% Arabica Taste profile: Complex acids combined with a very fruity sweetness and creamy body. Floral, notes of apple & cocoa € 33,60/kg


Colombia is not only known for its delicious food, but of course also for its aromatic coffee and you should not miss it in any case. Perfect coffee growing climate, coupled with the world’s best coffee varieties and fincas managed in harmony with nature, contribute to the popularity of Colombian coffee and make any coffee lover’s mouth water.

Tolima/Planadas – 4 smallholders – Caturra/Colombia – natural (from roasting date 12.12.2023)

Tolima Dulce Natural

For many years, Tolima remained hidden among other known coffee growing areas in Colombia. Our first Natural in the Colombian portfolio comes from exactly this corner of Colombia! A real cocoa, chocolate bomb, which will make our fans of the world of sweet a huge joy.