coffeekult coffee Brazil


Brazilian coffee, from the coffeekult coffee roastery, 100% Arabica Taste profile: nutty/chocolaty, intense sweetness, subtle fruity notes, harmonious and mild, with low acidity €33.60/kg


With this coffee experience, you can start the day with Samba steps and Brazilian rhythms in your blood. Or, to put it in the words of the singer Tony Holiday, “Dance Samba with me, Samba, Samba all night long. Dance Samba with me, because Samba makes us happy.” This will make every Monday morning an experience and the start of the day easier. Or perhaps a Samba dance in the evening?

The coffee bean farm Fazenda San Martin is located in the midst of the savanna of central Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais, near the district of Patrocinio. It spans 35 hectares and is operated by Senhor Nelson Rivellini, who continues a family tradition of more than 100 years. He told us his very exciting family story: his grandfather started coffee cultivation back in the day. The native Italian, along with his entire family, made the long journey from Italy to Brazil to establish initial plantations in Sao Paulo and later in Paraná.

In addition to the traditional processing method, Fazenda San Martin also uses the so-called “eco-washed” or semi-washed method. As a member of the Cerrado Coffee Growers Association, the Rivellini family guarantees high-quality standards and sustainable agricultural practices. They employ state-of-the-art technology to produce specialty coffees, prioritizing quality and sustainability.

With their “Tag” certification, it is possible to trace each individual coffee sack precisely: each one is labeled with a number that allows for exact tracing of the coffee’s origin through an online search option, providing comprehensive information about the respective Fazendas.