Coffee Subscription – Home Blend #3


Arabica espresso blend, from coffeekult coffee roastery, 100% Arabica Taste profile: chocolaty, intense sweetness , harmonious and mild, with little acidity  


Italy – so close yet so far. The best espresso, delicious pizza, breathtaking coastal strips, and the best aperitifs – La Dolce Vita, indeed! This year’s motto is: “How do I bring that Italian flair home?”.

“Italische” blend – Taste has a new number “#3”

In Italy, the classic “La dolce vita” means living in luxury. “La Dolce Vita,” translated as “The Sweet Life,” is our idea of the typical Italian lifestyle, characterized by pleasure, enjoyment, and ease.

This coffee is very mild in taste and is perfectly rounded off by a sweet aroma. Additionally, it impresses with its soft and velvety crema. We process the beans in a traditional, gentle long-term roasting process, allowing the flavors to unfold intensely and ensuring a long-lasting taste experience. We recommend preparing it in an automatic machine or portafilter. This way, your very own Dolce Vita can begin!

Blend = different types of coffee mixed together.

Why is this done? The main reason is that with coffee blends, it is easier to ensure a consistent taste. – As coffee is a natural product, the roaster must constantly test to compensate for flavor variations.