Coffee Subscription – Home Blend #2


Arabica/Robusta espresso blend, from coffeekult coffee roasters, 80% Arabica & 20% Robusta Flavor profile: nutty/chocolatey, roasted flavors, strong.


Italy – so near and yet so far. The best espresso, delicious pizza, breathtaking coastlines and the best aperitifs – La Dolce Vita! This year, the motto is: “How do I bring the Italian flair home?”.

Italian blend interpreted the Tyrolean way

Italy is not just a vacation or travel destination, but for many people also the epitome of “Dolce Vita” – the sweet life. With this roast, you can easily conjure up the Italian attitude to life in your cup and your life at home. This “beary” espresso blend is characterized by its typical chocolaty and strong taste, i.e. with a beary appearance, just as many know it from Italy and wish for it at home. With it your day will be simply “bello”, wonderful! Cento percento – 100%!

Blend = different types of coffee blended together

Why is this done? The main reason is that it is easier to ensure a consistent taste with blended coffees. – Since coffee is a natural product, the roaster must test incessantly to compensate for variations in taste.