Coffee Subscription – El Salvador


Salvadoran Coffee  , from the coffeekult coffee roastery, 100% Arabica Taste profile: sweet, subtle fruity notes, harmonious and mild, with subtle acidity


Traceability/Direct Trade Coffee

Although El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it has a lot to offer in our opinion, especially when it comes to coffee. Among the approximately seven million inhabitants, there are a whole 20,000 coffee producers, so the passion for the bean is ingrained in them. Many of them produce their coffee not only based on traditional knowledge passed down from family to family but also adhere to fair trade and organic guidelines. And that’s exactly what impressed us! Therefore, we decided very early on to support the producers there. We also have a very personal connection to El Salvador. Specifically, to the Hernandes family, with whom we have been friends for years. Mutual appreciation and the love for coffee quickly brought us together.

Santa Cristina Farm, Hernandes Family

Lechuza Farm, Cesar Magana

Since 2015, we have been working closely with Eduardo Hernandez. And only through his help and support have we been able to work even more sustainably with the local farmers.

Not only appreciation but also a fair price in direct trade enables them to have a more sustainable cultivation. The farmers are no longer dependent on achieving high harvest yields but can now deliver consistent and high quality, combined with much joy. Our long-term trade relationships ensure stable markets for the farmers and provide reliable conditions for investments and improvement measures that would be much more difficult to achieve with volatile price fluctuations.

Our coffeekult “Direct Trade” goes a few steps further than “Fair Trade”: …it’s not just about achieving a fixed price per unit of coffee but about getting the best quality. From the consumer’s point of view, “Direct Trade” coffee is the better choice.