Coffee Grinder – Eureka Specialita


“Heureka” (Ancient Greek) or in German: I have found it! You will also shout this out loud when you finally have this coffee grinder in front of you. The grinder is perfection in its purest form: a system patented by Eureka ensures unparalleled precision, saving you not only time but also coffee. The so-called “micrometric and stepless grind adjustment” paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: precise and very quiet. With an exclusive anti-vibration solution, the grinding noise is reduced by about 20 dB compared to conventional grinders. This allows you to grind our coffees freshly in the morning without waking anyone up. Or perhaps even better: without being woken up by someone preparing coffee for you. Available in several color options!


  • Silent Technology
  • Universally adjustable “Hands-Free” portafilter fork
  • Micrometric and stepless grind adjustment (Eureka patented)
  • Touchscreen (2 doses + Manual)
  • 55mm burrs for high grinding speed


The story of Eureka is as unusual and outstanding as the coffee grinders themselves. It begins in 1920 when the future founder, Aurelio Conti, starts producing electric mixers in a small car workshop near the city of Florence and discovers his passion for small electrical appliances. The coffee grinders, in particular, quickly capture his heart. After the end of the war, the company sees a significant breakthrough. The success story continues to this day: Eureka is present in over 52 countries and is one of the leading companies in its segment. The coffee grinders are completely assembled by hand, and all work steps, from design to the finished product, are carried out at the company headquarters.