BWT bestsave


Limescale protection pad for coffee machines with integrated water tank

  • Easy to use in all coffee machines with integrated water tank
  • BWT bestsave pad is simply placed in the water tank
  • Minimizes limescale deposits in the machine
  • Economic solution


The BWT bestsave limescale protection pad offers perfect basic limescale protection for all coffee machines that have a water tank. After unpacking, it is rinsed briefly under running water and placed directly on the bottom of the coffee machine tank. BWT bestsave is ideally suited for smaller vending machines and coffee outlets. It is best to optimize the water overnight so that sufficient water is available for coffee preparation the following day.

  • Optimal flow through special BWT filter fleece
  • Professional BWT ion exchange technology
  • Integrated activated carbon removes unwanted odor and taste from water
  • With hygiene protection against bacterial growth
  • All materials in food grade
  •  Alle Materialien in Lebensmittelqualität


The BWT bestsave is available in 2 different variants/capacities:
BWT bestsave L (approx. 200 liters *)

*Typical filter capacity at 10 degrees carbonate hardness