BWT Bestcup Premium


The BWT Bestcup Premium T filter protects your coffee machines with integrated water tank and portafilter espresso machine with water tank from calcification too quickly.
  • Professional 4-stage filtration
  • Integrated pre-filtration
  • Activated carbon fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Patented BWT magnesium technology


With their unique, patented BWT magnesium technology, BWT bestcup PREMIUM tank cartridges ensure an optimum extraction process and thus the best coffee quality in the cup. They can be inserted into the tank of many compact coffee machines with a hose connection in the water tank using a special adapter. The unique water optimization with BWT bestcup PREMIUM professional technology specifically reduces the carbonate hardness (lime content) in the water and ensures clear, particle-free coffee water without foreign tastes and odors. The result is the best coffee water, optimum coffee enjoyment and protection of the machine technology.
BWT bestcup T
Filter capacity at 10 °KH = approx. 50 liters