Rhino Milk Pitcher – Black


The “Rhino Milk Pitcher” series was developed by people who understand and know the needs of the specialty coffee industry. The milk jugs feel comfortable in your hand from the start and are incredibly durable. Not only professional baristas but also private ones rely on “Rhino Milk Pitchers.” However, there is one problem: you have to be able to choose between 3 milk jugs! The finely crafted jugs come in pure stainless steel, with a black non-stick coating, and even “handle-less” versions. They make frothing easy for you because the conical shape allows for excellent milk frothing, making it easy to pour perfect “latte art” figures.   


  • Premium non-stick coating
  • Stainless steel body
  • 360 ml and 600 ml
  • Professional spout: Designed for smooth pouring and latte art


“Rhino” – the company name says it all. It’s about power, strength, and passion. These are attributes ascribed to the rhinoceros, mammals whose evolutionary history began nearly 50 million years ago. The Australian company isn’t quite that old, but its products are well known and sought after among baristas and in the coffee industry. With a “Rhino,” you always have a very robust and durable product that was initially developed for use by coffee professionals. The company is well-connected in the coffee community, enabling them to quickly respond to specific needs and challenges. “Our goal is to exceed your expectations” – that’s a slogan Rhino likes to use, and we can only agree with it. With Rhino products, you will have great and long-lasting satisfaction!