AeroPress go Travel Coffee Press


The little brother of the big “AeroPress.” The “AeroPress Go” first hit the market in 2019 and already has cult status. It also incorporates immense development know-how to offer all the delicious brewing functions of the original AeroPress. “Go” means that you have everything with you to brew a cup of coffee immediately: included with it are a drinking cup and a carrying case, everything you need to enjoy a cup of coffee, for example, on Mount Everest. Okay, admittedly, there might be a problem with hot water up there. But otherwise, the “AeroPress Go” will be your faithful companion everywhere, while traveling, hiking, or simply at work or at the Sunday breakfast table.


  • Cup with lid
  • 350 paper filters
  • Chamber, plunger, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer, and scoop
  • Ideal for quick coffee on the go


AeroPress is associated with a world-renowned inventor: Alan Adler, who is still the president of AeroPress, Inc. today. He is a trained engineer and has been an inventor since the age of 13. He holds 40 patents worldwide. In addition to boats, sports equipment, and the AeroPress coffee machine, he has developed instrumentation systems for military aircraft, nuclear reactors, and submarines. He was a visiting lecturer at Stanford University, NASA, and the Royal Aeronautical Society in London.

In 2004, Alan Adler began examining the coffee brewing process and analyzing the design of coffee machines to develop a truly innovative device that could brew a “superior” cup of coffee. At a coffee industry trade show in November 2005, he introduced his groundbreaking AeroPress coffee machine for the first time.