Fresh Coffee? – That’s what matters!

Always stay FRESH!Experience coffee-freshness with coffeekult!

Coffee still smells freshly roasted even after days! FRESH!

Regionally produced and locally purchased! FRESH!

Smell the aroma of coffee while grinding! FRESH!

Okay, maybe that was a bit much of the “FRESH“, but when it comes to coffee, FRESH is simply important! coffeekult preaches this incessantly and our customers often seem almost somewhat annoyed, but then finally agree with us.

Fresh Coffee? – That’s what matters!

Fresh Coffee? - That's what matters!
Fresh Coffee? – That’s what matters!

The coffeekult guest blogger KAROLIN became aware of coffeekult a long time ago, meanwhile she loves as a “Zuagroaste” not only Tyrol, but also appreciates good and fresh coffeekult coffee. Of course we are very happy about that! ūüôā


Thinking outside the box!

That’s also the motto of coffeekult! Let’s hear from coffee lovers too. Our guest blogger KAROLIN shares her very own experiences on the topic of coffee-FREHSNESS this time.

She knows her stuff: as a student, she depends on good coffee – it’s supposed to be very beneficial for brain cells and also student wakefulness/staying awake, as other students keep telling us.

Always stay FRESH when it comes to coffee, with Karolin! How does it work?

She reveals that to us in today’s guest blog:

Storage & purchase

This keeps your coffee fresh longer

Have you ever wondered what to look for when buying & storing for your delicious cup of coffee? Actually, there are only 3 points that you need to consider:

  1. Where do I buy my coffee?
  2. When do I make my choice?
  3. How do I store my coffee?

1. Where do I buy my coffee?

One reason not to buy your coffee at the supermarket is the pleasure of shopping at the specialty store. Because that offers relationships, more knowledge, and above all passion. Everyone is always available for individual advice.

It’s best to steer clear of coffee that has strength information on the packaging. This only reveals the degree of bitterness and not the amount needed for a cup. Light roasted coffee usually has a lower strength than dark roasts. However, it says nothing about the quality.

People also often ask how the origin and path of the coffee can be traced. This varies from country to country. It depends on whether private farms or large farms are more common, or what the trade regulations are.

Exactly what coffeekult believes in! 
coffeekult is always ready to assist with coffee knowledge we've "accumulated" over 15 years. Keeping it all in our heads won't benefit us much, so we gladly pass it on :-)
 We're not afraid to raise eyebrows with our remarks because coffee is our passion. 
Everyone thinks they know and understand coffee, it's a bit like football: Every Austrian is a football expert, at least when it comes to watching. But most lack the basics! 
And very important: Focus on DIRECT Trade instead of always going for fair trade. What's the difference? What many don't know is that fair trade is just a registered trademark. Everyone knows it, but not everyone can use it. coffeekult would have to pay a "membership fee" just to be allowed to print the trademark on our coffee packaging, even though many of our coffee beans are fair trade certified. 
WE HAVE DIRECT TRADE which is becoming increasingly important in the coffee industry. We source from individual coffee farmers or cooperatives from whom the goods are purchased directly. Many of the farmers we've known for years. We enter into long-term contracts directly with them or the importer and commit to paying a fixed and significantly higher purchase price than what is possible through the coffee exchange or Fairtrade.

2. When do I make my choice?

KAROLINS recommendation for fresh coffee:

  • A clear roasting date on the packaging
  • Purchase in the first 2 weeks after roasting
  • Always buy a small supply for the next few weeks
  • Buy whole beans and then grind at home

Grind coffee beans fresh as needed

Coffee powder absorbs other odors, aromas and moisture more easily due to its smaller surface area. This means that whole coffee beans protect their own delicate aroma for longer. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the above tips, because the general rule for coffee is: the fresher, the better. So for the perfect coffee experience, it pays to purchase a coffee grinder and grind the beans fresh each time to experience the many flavors of the coffee bean.

coffeekult goes one step further!

6 weeks! That's our coffeekult promise. Whether in the coffeekult roastery or in the vending machines our roastings are never older than 6 WEEKS! The coffee isn't bad long after that, but after about 6 weeks, the quality of the roasted coffee beans slowly declines, mainly due to oxygen! coffeekult will always offer you the best and highest quality, and we are uncompromising about it. How can you check the 6 weeks? The MDF date is stated on our packaging, which stands for "manufactured," so that's our MANUFACTURING DATE.
 Our coffeekult coffee also has its own chosen best before date (BBD) of "only" 3 months. Our coffee doesn't go "bad" quickly, but
. Take a look in the supermarket to see how long the often pre-ground coffee sits around!

3. How do I store my coffee?

There are also a few things you can keep in mind when storing coffee to help it retain its flavor longer:

  • Seal airtight e.g. in vacuum cans
  • Store in the dark – the beans do not like the sun
  • Do not refrigerate – does not bring anything and besides the beans can take on flavors from the refrigerator

Coffee does not do well with air, moisture, heat and light. Therefore, it is important that the packaging of your coffee is well sealed and stored in a preferably dark, dry and cool place. However, not in the refrigerator.

The natural enemies of coffee:

Oxygen, humidity, heat and light.

Don’t leave your coffee for too long

Coffee cannot go bad, but it can lose its aromas, because these come mainly from the oils in the bean and gradually oxidize. Therefore, consume your coffee beans within 4 – 8 weeks after opening and pre-ground coffee within 4 weeks. Otherwise, the special taste will evaporate.

The packaging is everything

Your coffee package should have an aroma valve, because the valve allows gases from the coffee to escape without air getting into the package.

With the closing coffee cans from coffeekult you protect your coffee from a quick loss of taste, because the contact of the bean with oxygen is minimized. So it keeps coffee beans or even coffee powder fresh longer.

And something else that is important to coffeekult: the ENVIRONMENT!

! You can easily recycle our coffee bean packaging, and you can find some ideas on our SOCIAL MEDIA-Seiten unter GREEN DAY.
 pages under GREEN DAY. AND: You can also use our TO-GO cans!
 With these reusable cans (deposit 8 euros), you can get coffee directly from us at the roastery and at the same time, AVOID WASTE.
 The small valve on the lid allows your beans to continue to breathe! And by the way, our coffeekult can also look cool in the kitchen!

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