French Press – freshly brewed Coffee


French Press – freshly brewed Coffee

Want a chill freshness kick in the morning?

How about a personal morning ritual with the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air! coffeekult shows you how you can start your day wonderfully.

Student and guest blogger Karolin lets us look over her shoulders in the early morning during her morning routine in the WG:


A post from guest blogger

Karolin V. (Student in Innsbruck)

The smell of freshly ground coffee – who doesn’t love that!

For me, a good start to the day simply requires a freshly brewed coffee. This little ritual in the morning is already the first highlight of my day. For the unique coffee enjoyment in the morning, with full volume and flavor, it depends on an accurate coffee preparation with the right dosage.

In the morning, I usually use the French Press because it is easy to use, quick to clean, and doesn’t require a paper filter. It has been one of the most popular coffee brewing methods for many years. I have two different ones in my cupboard: a smaller one with about 300 ml and a larger one with a 1-liter capacity, for coffee with my partner or for guests.

In the French Press, the coffee powder is constantly in contact with the water and is later separated by the filter. The metal sieve does not filter out the fats and oils during preparation, as often happens with the paper filter. This gives the coffee its special richness.

The question is then always, how much coffee do I actually need to use to get the ideal aroma and the best flavors out of the coffee. The most important points here are coffee quantity, grind, temperature and brewing time.

Coffee tastes best when the bean is freshly ground just before brewing. Grinding creates a larger surface area that releases flavors from the coffee bean.

For one liter of water, I use 55-65g coffee beans depending on the roast of the coffee and grind them medium coarse.

At home I have a hand grinder and an electric grinder. During the week I usually use the electric, because it’s then again faster and there is often a large pot of coffee in the shared apartment. Since the grind is not adjustable there, I grind until the powder has reached about the grain size of coarse sea salt.

On weekends, I like to take even more time for my coffee and grind the beans with my Rhino Hand Grinder.

If you like, the pot can be warmed up with hot water beforehand so that the coffee stays warm longer.

Not everyone has a kitchen thermometer or wants to get it out every morning. To reach the optimum water temperature of around 94°C, wait for about 30 seconds after boiling. Then pour the water for the brewing process quickly over the ground coffee.

Stir the coffee so that the powder is evenly distributed and the flavors are optimally extracted. When you pour the water in a circular motion, you create a small vortex, which also stirs the coffee. Then put the lid on.

The ideal brewing time is about 4 minutes. Be careful not to let the coffee brew too long or too short. Over-extracted coffee often tastes bitter, and under-extracted coffee tastes too thin and watery. Then slowly and evenly press down the filter to give the ground coffee time to settle.

And now it is: purely in the favorite cup and enjoy coffee.

At a glance – Preparation with the French Press.

Coffee amount55-65 g
GrindingMedium coarse
Water amount1 l
Temperature94 °C
Brewing time4 min

My tip for a smaller French Press: use 10 to 14 g of coffee powder to 150-180 ml of water, depending on how strong you like your coffee.

Just try different amounts with different grinds and different beans to find your preference, because every coffee bean is different, every growing area and also every taste.


PS: French Press, press pot, coffee press,… was probably invented around 1850 in France, but first patented in 1929 by the Italian designer Attilio Calimani, who improved the coffee press over the years, as did his compatriot Faliero Bondanini.

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