Easter egg hunt with coffeekult – raffle

The Easter Bunny needs your help!

coffeekult agrees with Confucius: “To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”

True to this motto, we want to put your coffee knowledge to the test today. What do you know about coffee and what do you know about coffeekult?

Not only will you be doing something good for your brain, but you’ll also be helping the Easter Bunny with this year’s Easter egg hunt! He lost a few colourful eggs and asked us to help him find them.

We’re happy to help, of course, and so this BLOG post is also an EASTER RAFFLE!

coffeekult Easter-Challenge 

This prize beckons to those hungry for coffee knowledge

Easter egg hunt with coffeekult raffle
Easter egg hunt with coffeekult raffle

The coffeekult easter bunny support competition. So if this PRIZE isn’t an appetiser!

Socrates already said: „I know that I know nothing!”

With this tactic, you will also make progress in the coffeekult Easter raffle, because the wise person looks closely! Specifically, you can find the answers you seek by exploring our coffeekult blog posts which are full of valuable knowledge.

You don’t have to look too long for them.

How the coffeekult Easter egg hunt works:

Carefully read through the coffeekult blog posts and then proceed to answer the questions. Cheat sheets and Google searches are permitted, as long as the answers are accurate. However, don’t spend too much time searching, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said,“Doubt grows with knowledge!”

The more you search, the more answers you find, this is true in the Easter egg hunt, to the search for the meaning of life.

So: comfortably – ideally with a cup of coffeekult coffee – read through the few coffeekult blog posts and then get to the questions!

Is it all too complicated for you? Then let us quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once again: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Ready, steady – GO!

Die coffeekult Easter Egg Hunt beginnt!

Question 1:

What do you hear here and what does it indicate?

Question 2:

Where exactly does the “white smoke” for coffeekult go up in Innsbruck and how many aromas (approximately) will later make up the taste of our coffeekult coffee roasts?

Question 3:

Name at least 4 travel destinations of our green coffee beans.

Question 4:

“The boiling point of water is the same everywhere and is 100 degrees!” This statement is of course not true! What does the boiling temperature depend on and how long does coffeekult advise to let the water stand after boiling?

Question 5:

Which anniversary will coffeekult celebrate in 2022?

Question 6:

In 2011, coffeekult set a world record! YES REALY!

But at what world record – and with what?

Question 7:

coffeekult knows all its green coffee bean suppliers and traders personally. With many farmers there is a friendship for years! A coffee bean newcomer comes from the “heart of Africa”. Where is that again?

Question 8:

Students love freshly brewed coffee from the French Press. Our guest blogger Karolin from Innsbruck has described this wonderfully in her BLOG. What is the ideal brewing time again?

Question 9:

The most difficult question at the end – no BLOG helps, but THINKING:

Name at least one coffeekult coffee partner. Which restaurant/bar/shop/shop in Innsbruck or Austria still serves coffeekult coffee?

Question 10:

….we do not want to exaggerate! 9 are enough! 😉

Even a loser is a WINNER:

You won nothing this time? Doesn’t matter: If you answered ALL QUESTIONS correctly, you can at least show off a little coffee knowledge and have something to talk about with a good cup of coffee. Following the motto: “I don’t always know what I’m talking about. But I know I’m right.” This was said by Muhammad Ali and surely nobody liked to contradict him when he claimed something!


Are you one of those people who are already overwhelmed just by the question or who didn’t get any further in the research in the coffeekult blog posts? Then, in conclusion, we may quote Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “One must have learned a great deal to be able to ask what one does not know.”

So: coffeekult is happy to help you at any time if you have questions about COFFEE.

….because you know: ….”Knowledge is power!” – a more than accurate statement attributed to the English philosopher Francis Bacon!


WHEN: Who until Thursday, April 14, at 22 clock ALL QUESTIONS answered correctly, is in the raffle!.

HOW: Please send us the answers toinfo@coffeekult.com or via Instagram message.

THE WINNER IS?: On Friday, April 15 in the MORNING, we will raffle LIVE on Instagram. The winner will be notified immediately, and the coffeekult EASTER PACKAGE can be picked up right away at coffeekult on Tschamlerstraße.


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