Day 7 – Welcome to Rwanda

Day 7 in Rwanda

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The evening yesterday ended with a coffee steak and then some sporting activity was due. This could at least explain and interpret this coffeekult move in the photo. Unfortunately, everything was different, and it was just a contortion under the luggage rack table in the hotel room because the room key had gotten stuck in a slot in the wall so awkwardly that we almost had to dismantle everything.
A Leatherman was the last resort and a lot of DIY craftsmanship. In the end, this “sport” ended with an injured thumb.
BUT PROMISED: Everything will certainly be fine again by the next coffee roasting on Tuesday at the coffeekult coffee roastery and there will be no more ouchies 🙂


We unfortunately have to start today, Day 7, with some bad news: we’re out of coffee!! Since coffeekult gifted the French press and hand mill yesterday on DAY 6, the breakfast table is now empty, or rather the omelette is all alone on the plate. Something needs to be eaten, again, as the malaria prophylaxis demands that the tablets not be processed entirely on an empty stomach. So for the past few days, one has transformed from a coffee drinker to a breakfast eater! The good Rwandan food and breakfast, both contribute to bulges in the wrong places. Well, bon appĂ©tit!

Lets talk coffee!

But fear not, the First-Aid Coffee is soon to be found. Hidden deep within the thickets of a coffee tree, we’ve stumbled upon a specialty cafĂ©. Okay, it’s actually a cafĂ© well-visited by tourists, offering coffee beans from 30,000 Rwandan female farmers, a women’s coffee in the truest sense of the word! Just outside the entrance stands a coffee tree, adorned with many ripe coffee cherries. A brilliant idea—though one wonders if the tree would survive outside the coffeekult coffee roastery?

A pot of filter coffee is then in front of us, the day can finally start well, with the language of coffee – so let`s take coffee!

Walk of Rwanda

What has caught our attention in Rwanda time and again is the countless number of people seemingly spending their days walking along roads. Even between towns that are far apart, people are on the move. We observed this during our car rides, everywhere and always. It’s a leisurely pace, interrupted only by the honking of cars and trucks. Perhaps the Rwandans find their inner peace and coolness in this slow walking? We should try that out right away.
After the filter coffee, there’s an inner strength felt, and the hotel, according to the app, isn’t too far away. So, LET’S GO, for the Rwanda Walk.

The walk turned into an endlessly long hike, alongside a well-built road and under direct sunlight. The good thing was that it was clean everywhere, thanks to yesterday’s “Umuganda” (Read about it at DAY 6). Unfortunately, one should never fully trust an app. Sweating profusely in the scorching heat, we ended up back at the hotel after nearly 2 hours.
Since it’s Sunday, there were hardly any cars on the road, but our lungs must have endured quite a bit alongside the road.

Want pity?

A late check-out proved to be the right choice, and then the time for “sitting it out” begins.
coffeekult had incredibly intense days in Rwanda: Josias from the Coocamu Cooperative and Immaculee, who brings the raw coffee beans to Austria, provided fascinating insights into many topics, from the tragic history of the country to, of course, the main topic, COFFEE. All plans, interests, and visits were fulfilled in the preceding days.

Since our flight, however, only in the night from today to tomorrow, at 1:40 clock, takes off again from Kigali, coffeekult must do what is just not always so our thing: wait and sit out.
ALMOST one could feel sorry for himself, but we do not want to catch any pity, because a club sandwich and cool music show the self-pity then quite quickly in its limits 🙂

The day ends again very familiar: Immaculees and Josias relatives invite again very cordially to the “Beautiful Coffee”, our dear “base” in Rwanda. It is a comfortable farewell, before our upcoming and long journey and this also shortens the waiting time until then very well. From business talk to small talk, everything was there. The camera may remain there gladly also once outside.

Around half past nine in the evening, it is then a few minutes by car to the airport. A warm farewell and very personal words round off this exciting coffeekult RUANDA TRIP.

At the airport, however, there is of course another quick espresso, because there are still – although Sunday evening – business talks to be held in the Tyrolean home. But that wakes up again a little.

Forgot to mention, the time is always the same in Tyrol and Rwanda! That helps!

We say (soon) HELLO TIROL, but first:

Thank you RWANDA,
it was an honor!

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