Day 2 – Welcome in Rwanda

Day 2 in Rwanda

Shake it Baby!

Today starts with a lot of “shaking”, because in the car we are really shaken. Together with Immaculee we drive to her former home village and other places of her childhood, the way there is connected with many encounters and impressions.

Within a very short time, one notices the urban-rural difference. We meet satisfied, but very poor people. Children line our path and as soon as they hear the car, they jump over and make big eyes. Of course, we also have small nibbles for them! This is practically part of the basic equipment when you go to the country, they tell us.

You have to be honest: the poverty shocks, the joy of the children over a few gummy bears makes humble.

Tim Bendzko sings so beautifully: “Just need to save the world real quick”…. if only it were that easy!

Day 2 in Rwanda
Day 2 in Rwanda

The area around Kigali is unbelievably gorgeous and fertile, now and then we also spot coffee plants. However, many farmers grow this and that. Often the coffee know-how is missing and so they switch again and again to other agricultural products.

But the curiosity is there, even among the youngest.

Early practice, who wants to become a master! coffeekult is happy to pass on a few basics and you come across very fertile ground here, at different levels!

NEW coffeekult project?

Where the roads in Rwanda will lead us….

With Josias from „Beautiful Coffee Rwanda“ we talk a little shop!
The soil here at 1800m above sea level is very good and fertile, the sun-drenched slope a dream. Coffee has been here before!

If you listen to us so, then certainly everyone realizes immediately: there are two coffee freaks at work, but of course in the most positive sense of the word. The coffee of Rwanda connects very quickly and we burn for our passion!

It’s so green!

coffeekult was in the GREEN all day! It went out of the bustling city and into the fertile interior. We have not yet reached the coffee heart, there we are then the next few days, directly at Lake Kivu and at a few wonderful coffee cooperatives, which will give us deep insights into their work with coffee.

A lot of “shaking around” in the car, long drives, fascinating and also sad impressions have accompanied this day!

The evening may be a little quieter, but “coffee first”: this time in the form of coffee expert talks.

coffeekult can also be different

NO! coffeekult has of course not only coffee and coffee equipment to be prepared for all cases. Also a cognac belongs to the basic equipment in many countries, because after wild rides and for us not everyday food, the stomach is looking forward to a good drop!

ATTENTION SPOILER: Starting tomorrow we will go to the coffee farmers, the cooperatives! Don’t miss these insights.

We are already looking forward to it!

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