coffeekult with 3 coffee survival tips for on the road

When someone goes on a journey, he can tell a story…

Unfortunately, this often applies to coffee!

We all know that: the day should always start right away, but then again not! We want a routine, but then like to break it again right away. The mundane makes the mundane boring.

The only thing we’re all a little different about is coffee: the morning drink can always be the same, taste the same, and be prepared in the same way, because you don’t want to experience any surprises at a leisurely start to the day, because they’ll come by themselves in the course of the day anyway.

coffeekult helps you with a chill morning routine – even outside your own 4 walls! They are very simple tips that make your coffee life easier on vacation or on the road!

coffeekult with 3 coffee survival tips for on the road
coffeekult with 3 coffee survival tips for on the road

Coole coffeekult coffee tips:

  • easy coffee enjoyment at the hotel breakfast buffet.
  • Envy-inducing coffee experiences on the train.
  • morning coffee pusher by the sea


First we have to clear up a myth: NO, the first best coffee on vacation is not at the first gas station, preferably on the way to Italy. We hear that again and again and there in connection also always the word “Autogrill”.

Zunächst müssen wir mit einem Mythos aufräumen: NEIN, der erste beste Kaffee im Urlaub ist nicht an der ersten Tankstelle, am besten auf dem Weg nach Italien. Das hören wir immer wieder und da fällt im Zusammenhang auch immer das Wort “Autogrill”.

Perhaps the coffee tastes “great” to many people there only because they are on their way to vacation and the brain is probably in a certain state of anticipation and the actual coffee taste is not correctly passed on via the synapses.

We recommend: NOT listen to your head, but rather to your stomach. The speaks after such a coffee pleasure with pleasure volumes…..

easy coffee enjoyment at the hotel breakfast buffet.

The whole thing looks a bit strange, but it’s not. This is how the barista master and coffeekult Owner & Founder Cem, for example, helps himself to get the perfect coffee moment even at the dreary hotel breakfast buffet. There are no queues at the coffee button press machine, no strange coffee surprises and finally the coffee tastes good and makes you forget all your other worries at the buffet.

This is how:

  • Grind coffeekult coffee just before going to breakfast in the room.
  • get hot tea-water from the fully automatic coffee machine, or order it from the staff
  • slowly infuse and let it sit
  • E N J O Y

This is actually a portable teapot, but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the thing is heat resistant and handy! The small tea strainer you can easily remove, so the coffee grounds can be infused better, expand and pull well. Then put the sieve back into the container and voilà, you have already prepared wonderfully fresh and great tasting coffee.

You’ll never have to go through bad surprises at the coffee machine or switch to black tea again, so you can start your vacation or business meeting on a high note.

The days of being looked at stupidly when making coffee are long gone. You often get a benevolent and nodding look from the breakfast staff, as if they already suspect that their own coffee is not the best in the house.

coffeekult tips:

  • Coffee grounds swell! Depending on the container, you have to take this into account, otherwise there’s a mess at the table. We know what we’re talking about!
  • Grind coffee rather coarsely, for a filter coffee preparation
  • if you give the ground coffee from the container then out again, you have so also equal coffee to go for the day!
  • If the staff is watching you – just stay cool and casual!

Necessary equipment:

  • Heat resistant jar with tea strainer that you can close
  • Your favorite coffee, well-packed (for example, in the empty Cascara container), can be transported easily!
  • Small Grinder

The envy-inducing coffee experience on the train.

Like sprouting mushroom heads, your fellow travelers in the train or bus suddenly peek over their headrests and look around curiously when you prepare your coffee during a long journey. Stale air is a thing of the past, as the fresh aroma of coffee will delight all the people around you twice! First during grinding, as the aromatic coffee beans emit their first scent, and some train passengers will already curiously peek over your shoulders. When pouring and preparing the coffee, you’ll have all the attention on you. Are you rather shy? No problem – sit at the front or back of the train car, or at the back of the bus, to be less exposed to glances.

This is how:

  • coffeekult coffee grind freshly and quietly
  • order hot tea-water from the train or bus staff, this is even usually free!
  • slowly pour into AeroPress, infuse briefly and “squeeze” out
  • E N J O Y

The AeroPress or the smaller AeroPress Go AeroPress Go are also constant companions for us when traveling by public transport around the world. The devices are very small and handy, and coffeekult coffee beans always fit in the small hand luggage. All you need is hot water. Then everything goes pretty quickly: Whether on a train or a bus, a little movement is also good for the hands, and with a small coffee grinder, you can grind the beans, which is not only relaxing but also smells amazing. Without a doubt, you will quickly earn curious glances and smiles from your fellow travelers, and that’s how conversations start.

Forget tinder, do it with fresh coffee instead!

Hot water you get then mostly directly from the train staff very uncomplicated, often the long-distance buses have hot tea water in the service area. On the train, you rarely have to pay anything for it and you get it in a coffee mug and thus have a drinking vessel into which you can easily press the coffee back in with the AeroPress! We ourselves usually have a small plastic bag or kitchen box with us, where we can store coffee beans and AeroPress well and quickly again.

Whether the whole thing also works on the plane? We’ve never tried that – but as we all know, people drink more Bloody Marry there than coffee.

coffeekult tips:

  • Friendliness wins! A smile when ordering hot water gets you further faster
  • After use, put the AeroPress in the plastic bag or box, otherwise you will have coffee residues scattered in the case.
  • Prepare pad and pencil for date requests that come up because of your cool coffee making skills

Necessary equipment:

  • AeroPress or Aeropress Go because they are simply stunningly practical
  • Your favorite coffee (for example, in the empty Cascara container you can transport it super!)
  • Small hand grinder
  • Own cup, for all occasions

A morning coffee pusher by the sea

This is just the thing for the permissive among you, but in the sense of overnight stays. It does not always have to be a hotel / pension or Airbnb. A campsite by the sea, in the self-rebuilt car and then prepare your own coffee at sunrise – a dream and much can probably not keep up with it!

A few presses, without much effort, and the pleasure is there! Camping is joy, and this coffee preparation is too, which is why it’s quick and easy. With the Nanopresso, you can take your coffee game to another level, so to speak!

This is how:

  • coffeekult coffee fresh and quiet grind, or even the sustainable coffeekult coffee capsules.
  • hot tea water
  • Pour everything into the Nanopresso and PUSH
  • E N J O Y

Stable pressure and an innovative device, what suits more a camper and a camper than the stylish Nanopresso. This portable espresso machine has set a new standard in the world of coffee, and a little eye-catcher too. It will drastically change and improve the way you brew your favorite coffee, especially when you’re on the go. With the patented pump system, you get a stable pressure of maximum 18 bar, which gives you an unprecedented coffee quality.

Look into the sunrise, sway with the coffee grinder in gentle movements and with fresh coffee scent into the first minutes of the day. Or quite lazily: take a coffeekult coffee capsule out of the bag. Then, how could it be otherwise, fill hot water into the Nanopresso and you can start pressing with much joy!

coffeekult tips:

  • To the sunrise cell phone ready! The whole gives stunning photos and videos!
  • The Nanopresso has a number of accessories. You don’t need everything, but it can be helpful.
  • Cleaning is easy: rinse and ready!

Necessary equipment:

  • Nanopresso (with or without adapter for capsules) because it is simply stunningly practical
  • Your favorite coffee as beans or capsules
  • If beans, a small hand grinder.

coffeekult wishes good travels and even better coffee, wherever they may take you!

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