Coffee, just like at home, even while camping?

Don’t want bad coffee on your vacation? Then make it yourself!

Coffee is always possible, anywhere, and even on vacation, you can treat yourself to a tasty coffeekult coffee.

Coffee always hits the spot! CAMPERs also know this and are enthusiastic about it!

Coffee, just like at home, even while camping?

YES EXACTLY, that is possible. As experts confirm again and again.

Just like „FLABSI“:

Several months a year, “FLABSI”, that is Philipp and Babsi, prove that. Two travelers between worlds, campsites, cities, countries….

They never stay in one place for long, because their BIG LOVE – camping – offers them just too many possibilities and so they travel across Europe. They work primarily from and on “vacation”, because so-called “digital nomads” and creatives don’t need a fixed place, a laptop with internet connection and a comfortable chair are enough.

How “FLABSI” like to prepare their coffee, how they get the necessary coffeekult kick on the road, no matter where they are, they tell us this time as our coffeekult guest bloggers.

With this guest blog, coffeekultis also taking a little break:

in our company vacation ?


WE SHOW YOU how good coffee also works on vacation.

We got used to coffeekult quite quickly in Tyrol, but how do we get the incredible coffee taste into our travel bags, into our camper? That wasn’t so easy at first, because the coffee equipment we’ve used so far has fit nicely into our kitchen, but there’s just no room for it in our self-built Ducato camper! So we had to make small concessions when it came to making coffee, but we were uncompromising when it came to the coffee beans. There’s only coffeekult!

Briefly about us: 

We – that is FLABSI – are ON TOUR for several months a year. It all started with the dream of exploring Europe, and after converting a Ducato van, we soon hit the road. We’re not professional bloggers; we film and post more for ourselves. We can’t remember all the memories in our heads, and at some point, we’d like to be able to “look back,” and that’s where a few videos come in handy.

We’ll be able to reminisce once we retire. But who knows, maybe we’ll still be cruising around then!

When camping, you have to reduce a lot, because space is limited. And also for coffee preparation we did not want to acquire 10 “devices”, thus we live very well with TWO of them.

We would like to briefly introduce these to you and also give you a taste of good coffeekult coffee on the go.

COFFEE by the sea / lake / water?

Here we only have one recommendation: die NANOPRESSO

They come in different versions and with lots of equipment. At the beginning of our journey, Cem from coffeekult put this device in our hands and we have loved it ever since.

This is just the thing for all the permissive among you, but in terms of overnight stays. Whether at the campsite, in your own converted small truck or on the mountain, with it you can easily prepare your own coffee – a dream! A few pushes, without much effort and the pleasure is there! Camping is a joy of life, this coffee preparation also and therefore it’s fast and easy.

The NANOPRESSO can not only prepare freshly ground coffeekult coffee, but also the coffeekult coffee capsules can be used. Simply swap the attachment and you’re ready to go!

We LOVE the NANOPRESSO especially by the sea, or any body of water. We can easily carry it in the backpack or carry bag, because it is very compact.

The handling is very easy:

  • Grind the coffeekult coffee fresh, or use the sustainable coffeekult coffee capsules.
  • hot tea water into it
  • press a few times and enjoy

Just the PRESSING is already a hit. According to the instructions, it generates a stable pressure of up to 18 bars, delivering incredible coffee quality. This device is not only an eye-catcher but also extremely easy to use. It allows everyone to savor moments and views: sunset by the sea, sunrise by the lake… just anywhere!

COFFEE on the mountain / in the camper / always and everywhere?

Even if many coffee lovers do not hear it so gladly, but we have for coffee enjoyment in the morning and especially in the camper inside like a mocha pot. You can quickly put it on the gas stove and the fun begins.

Meanwhile, we also like the fruity coffee pleasure, but for a “quick coffee” in the morning or when it’s a bit stressful, the mocha pot works for us, too.

As many now know: the water in it actually becomes too hot for the coffee, extracting many bitter compounds, and that’s why the coffee often doesn’t taste good…

At coffeekult you will be helped!

We learned very quickly and of course wanted to get the most ideal aroma from a mocha pot! With a cool hand grinder, we were then able to at least get to grips with the grinding. Here, we always like to get advice from coffeekult on how exactly the grind should be for the respective coffee.

We can only say that there are truly worlds of difference in the grind!

Every coffeekult coffee, whether Ethiopian, Brazilian or the house blends, they all want to be ground differently – then the coffee in the mocha works out quite well!

We quickly fell in love with the Nano Pocket von Timemore!

Especially in the morning you are a little weak in the bones, so this grinder helps a lot. A few spins and you have perfectly ground coffeekult coffee. Simply wonderful!


When it comes to food, it’s always said: The eye eats with you!

But when it comes to coffee, we also believe: The eye DRINKS with you!

Coffee with a view! That’s what we love about enjoying coffee while camping – whether directly at the Spanish sea, or simply on vacation in Tyrol in a cozy camper. These are exactly the most indescribable moments, which we rarely capture in our videos. It’s mostly about the surroundings, the cool activities in the region, the highlights.

But when we drink coffee, we are for ourselves and among ourselves, we love and enjoy these moments. This is “camping at its best”, there is only us and the pleasure.

On our camping bed we like to enjoy such moments in togetherness and tranquility, only a coffeekult coffee pack may then once a little jump to us in bed?


  • WHERE to store:

It can get hot in the campervan, so it is best to always store the coffeekult coffee in a dark and cool corner. When packing the air out, because air and coffee beans do not get along so well.

  • Grind FRESH!

What we often notice with campers, and they often look at us with envy, is that many of them simply scoop pre-ground coffee out of their coffee cans. When campers see us grinding coffee beans, they tend to be very curious, and we enjoy explaining to them that only freshly ground coffee is good coffee!

  • coffeecult SUPPLY

Where to get coffee without stealing it? coffeekult is far from us when we are in places like Slovakia, Spain, or wherever. And when we’re on the road for several months, the distance becomes even greater.

Our solution: Pack many small 250-gram coffeekult coffee bean bags and play Tetris with them. The small packages stack nicely in our built-in cabinets, just like in Tetris, and this way we always have fresh coffee readily available. The small packages are used up quite quickly, so there’s no risk of them going stale.

We wish all who are on the road this summer great coffeekult coffee moments!


coffeekult wishes everyone a wonderful HOLIDAY!

(with or without coffee)

See you after the coffeekult vacation!

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