Coffee journey – Join coffeekult in Rwanda

Muraho Rwanda! Hello Rwanda! This time for real!

Coffee journey - Join coffeekult in Rwanda
Coffee journey – Join coffeekult in Rwanda

With our coffeekult roasts, we take you on tasteful journeys around the world.

On our virtual blog journey  “TRAVELING THE WORLD WITH COFFEEKULT: – 5 TOP Coffee Destinations”  you were able to get a little taste of the world and immerse yourself in the coffeekult coffee destinations.

Now we’re really going for it!

You want to know more about our coffee partners, dive even deeper into the world of coffeekult-COFFEE? You want to see exactly where we get our green coffee?

Coffee Journey

Then come with us to


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You probably already know the coffeekult promise: We source our raw materials directly and from the best coffee-growing regions in the world, and we have had a deep relationship with many of our coffee farmers for years.

One of these special growing areas is Rwanda, in the heart of Africa. Many have already learned to appreciate and love our coffeekult roast from Rwanda, because from it you can taste the throbbing, colorful, unique heart of Africa.

We have already introduced you to our “Coffee – from the heart of Africa to the heart of the Alps!” in the coffeekullt BLOG, and next week, we will embark on the trail of this very special coffee and the remarkable woman behind it.

coffeekult goes RWANDA

What to expect:

This coming Sunday, the journey begins. coffeekult is going directly to Rwanda together with Immaculee Steinlechner. Immaculee grew up there with coffee cherries the way many of us grew up with apples or pears. She loved to secretly nibble the red coffee cherries from the trees and now – in the meantime as a true Tyrolean – she wants to inspire more people with coffee from her old homeland.

Her family tradition of coffee growing is now carried on by her cousin Umuhoza and her husband Josias. After years of hard work, the family is now ready to export coffee beans themselves, and that’s where the former coffee cherry snacking Imma wants to help as a Tyrolean and bring the family coffee into circulation. That’s what coffeekult calls real sustainability!

Fancy a little taste?

  • Our flight on Sunday takes us via Vienna and Istanbul to lively KIGALI, the capital of Rwanda. It is located roughly in the middle of the country and spreads over several hills, ridges and valleys. The city offers a vibrant restaurant scene, a lively nightlife AND of course coffee, coffee, coffee. Immaculee will show us around the city’s coffee bean scene.
  • Then it’s on to the picturesque Lake Kivu, through which the state border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo passes. There, Immaculee will introduce us to her family at the Coocamu Musasa Cooperative and then we will visit farmers and other fair trade certified cooperatives from the Rutshiro and Karongi District, who have all joined forces to be able to export the green coffee without detours and middlemen. The highly nutritious and volcanic soil in the region has allowed a very special Arabica variety to thrive.

coffeekult will keep you up to date in the coming days – with lots of beautiful pictures, videos and reports from the




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