Coffee expertise in Tyrol – 15 years of coffeekult

15 years – coffeekult is still celebrating its birthday

2022 is OUR YEAR!

Indeed, that’s right – 15 years, our age, and coffeekult takes a certain pride in that. Over this decade and a half, coffeekult has unwaveringly pursued uncompromising quality. For 15 years, we’ve become an integral part of numerous Tyrolean households and extended our reach far beyond. coffeekult has stood as the embodiment of coffee expertise in Tyrol for 15 years, not just aiming to be a trailblazer and a source of innovative ideas in the coffee industry, but also striving to actively champion and promote sustainability in every facet.

15 – that is our number, in 2022!

We provided a glimpse into coffeekult and its origins back in March.

Do you remember?

  • What is the “Tiroler Goschn” again?
  • How did a ball become a BEAN?
  • What does the phrase “coffeekult as Spiderman” mean?

You can read all about it HERE

Coffee expertise in Tyrol - 15 years of coffeekult
Coffee expertise in Tyrol – 15 years of coffeekult

OLD – but sexy?

15 years of coffeekult provide us with the opportunity to look back and reflect.

What politicians often say: ‘The journalists’ revenge on politicians is the archive.’ ADMITTEDLY, this applies to pretty much everyone who frequently deals with the MEDIA. ZUGEGEBEN: das trifft eigentlich auf jeden und jede zu, wenn man öfter etwas mit MEDIEN zu tun hat. 

Coffeekult can indeed reflect on numerous media appearances, and we do so with both reverence and pride. Maintaining a media presence is not taken for granted these days; journalists make their selections meticulously. Particularly in the coffee industry, where numerous competitors abound, achieving visibility is a notable accomplishment.

coffeekult operates with unwavering conviction and without compromise: COFFEE, so to speak, runs in our veins, and we hold our product dear to our hearts. Perhaps it’s this very passion that media outlets like to see, read, and hear about…

A look back, that’s allowed once in a while!

coffeekult in the MEDIA

Coffee expertise in Tyrol – 15 years of coffeekult


With a sly smile to the Austrian Barista Champion title!

coffeekult doesn’t like to show off, but it’s not good to always just play it safe! WE KNOW COFFEE: Tyrolean Barista Champion 2009, Tyrolean Barista Champion 2010, Tyrolean Latte Art Champion 2010, Austrian Barista Champion 2011, Austrian Cezve/Ibrik Champion 2012, International Championship Junior 2013, Winner of the “Golden Coffee Bean” 2015, Falstaff Cafe Guide Winner Tyrol & Recognition as one of the best cafes in Austria 2017.

BARSITA-MEISTER with toothpaste smile. That’s coffeekult


Hard to believe, but true. In 2011, Cem Korkmaz, the  Owner & Founder  of  coffeekult , set a new Guinness World Record! In January 2011, he wanted to find out: How many cappuccinos could he make in an hour? The previous world record was 50 cups. He had already served the 51st cappuccino after just 27 minutes, and after an hour, it was 109! A NEW WORLD RECORD!

Every single cappuccino had to be prepared in first-class and highest barista quality, of course. It’s not the speed that counts when preparing a cappuccino, but for a good cause, as part of a charity event, it was gladly done that way.

The Guiness-WORLD RECORD goes to: coffeekult!

WORLd we are coming! coffeekult goes Worldchampionship!

In 2007 it all started with the love for coffee, followed by many national and international awards at barista championships. Absolute highlights: Representing Austria at two Coffee WORLD Championships in Colombia and Vienna. Pictures say more than a thousand words – SEE YOURSELF!


You want proof? Then take a look for yourself: We are not only celebrating the round 15th in 2022. We already proudly announced our 10th anniversary back then. How time flies and yes, we can confirm it: We all don’t get any YOUNGER…

After ’10 years of coffeekult,’ this year we’re celebrating ’15 years of coffeekult’!

No time to complain! The country needs new ideas!

Corona caused a true standstill worldwide, and coffeekult wasn’t willing to accept that so easily! In April of last year, we ventured into vending machines.
Vending machines have been around in the German-speaking region since 1887, but coffeekult was the first to offer whole coffee beans in them.
Initially, in the old town of Innsbruck, right across from the Ottoburg, you could get freshly roasted green coffee beans – easily and conveniently at the “coffeekult Self Service Store.” Nowadays, there’s a vending machine right outside the coffeekult roastery in Innsbruck’s Tschamlerstraße, and more are coming soon!

A brilliant coffeekult idea: coffee beans in vending machines

NATURE RULES, coffeekult helps!

In 2021, coffeekult was nominated for the Energy Globe Austria Award, which was a great honor for us! Sustainability is a trending topic, even in the coffee industry. Consumers now pay close attention to where their coffee beans come from and the conditions of production. However, sustainability is rarely implemented in the way coffee is consumed. The coffeekult project to reduce single-use cups in the coffee-to-go sector was selected from around 300 submissions, “which underscores the quality of your project,” as stated by ENERGY GLOBE at the time. The Energy Globe Award annually recognizes outstanding sustainable projects with a focus on resource conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy sources.

Coffeekult was selected from 300 entries and nominated for the Energy Globe Austria award!

Facts, facts, facts!

We’ve been dedicated to this cause for years. Anyone can drink coffee, but only a few truly understand it. Journalists often approach us to get the facts straight. Our media presence allows us to educate people about coffee. But, of course, we’re also delighted to share information on the broader subject of coffee. Our workshops offer in-depth insights – you’ll be able to impress your entire circle with this knowledge, coffee roaster’s promise!

coffeekult makes you smart! Here are 7 coffee facts!

Give coffeekult a voice!

coffeekult can also TALK! Don’t believe it?

Well then, here’s a podcast from BASEFIVE!

The ultimate coffeekult medidation: ROASTING COFFEE!

HONESTY lasts the longest!

You don’t have to jump on every trend, and coffeekult always speaks honestly and directly! What exactly is an “espresso tonic” anyway? Whether it’s a hot topic in the media during the summer or the next trendy coffee drink, coffee is actually quite simple, and there’s no need to overcomplicate it.

Espresso tonic – NO, that just doesn’t taste good!

Better DIRECT, than “fair”!

Many at coffeekult are familiar with this too! For us, DIRECT TRADE is the better and more honest way to bring coffee to people. We don’t need seals and badges; what we need is a direct connection to the local farmers, fair compensation, and a trade relationship based on equality and with fewer intermediaries – that’s what coffeekult stands for. coffeekult is now active and on the move in many countries. Our last journey took us to RWANDA where not only we could see what DIRECT TRADE is, but also an ORF camera crew:

Is DIRECT TRADE fairer than “fair trade”?

coffee is our passion, our DNA!

To all those who have believed in coffeekult over the past 15 years, who have weathered many a rough storm with us

and appreciate and love COFFEE as much as we do:


… to another 15 years!

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