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Best coffee on vacation – 4 coffeekult tips

“Best Coffee on Vacation – 4 coffeekult Tips
coffeekult helps you ensure that you can focus on the truly important things during your vacation. With a few preparations, you won’t have to worry about COFFEE anymore. Thanks to the coffeekult packing tips, it all runs smoothly with great coffee on your vacation, because you’ll have everything you desire and what your inner creature of habit craves!”

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World of Coffee – coffeekult on tour

The “World of Coffee” is one of the leading coffee fairs – so also for coffeekult these days a PLACE TO BE! Coffee professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world can this year in Milan look at everything around the topic of coffee, be demonstrated, taste, experience coffee and much more.

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Sustainable coffee,4 simple tricks

Sustainable coffee – 4 simple tricks – coffeekult… just saving the world
OKAY, of course we can’t do that alone.

For that it needs exactly YOU, yes – don’t look away now – exactly YOU it needs also for that! So – let’s get started!

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Day 7 – Welcome to Rwanda

Day 7 – coffeekult coffee trip in Rwanda
Walk of Rwanda… What we have always noticed in Rwanda are the countless people who seem to spend the day walking along streets. Even between towns that are far apart, people are on the move.

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Day 6 – Welcome in Rwanda

Day 6 – After home brewed coffee, we continue to Nyanza District, to the Mizero Cooperative. This is a small and familiar project of Josias and his brother. First they proudly show us the “wahsing station”, where the coffee cherries are first washed.

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Day 5 – Welcome in Rwanda

Rwanda Day 5 – After breakfast, we first go to the KAPAKAMA DRY MILL, which is about an hour’s drive away. Here the green coffee beans of various cooperatives are shelled and sorted according to quality.

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Day 3 – Welcome in Rwanda

Day 3 – We start the day with an almost 4-hour journey, on a fairly well-maintained road. It goes to the world famous Lake Kivu. The very nutrient-rich and volcanic soil in this region has allowed a very special Arabica variety to flourish.

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Spectacular Sound! 5 vocabulary of the coffee language

Spectacular Sound! … Listening into the world of coffee! This time coffeekult shows you the world of coffee from a completely new and spectacular perspective. Today it’s all about LISTENING, because coffee also SPEAKS to us! And we all know that listening is very important – even when it comes to coffee!

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