Best coffee on vacation – 4 coffeekult tips

“Are you heading off on vacation, chasing the sun?”?

coffeekult helps you pack your suitcase

Best coffee on vacation – 4 coffeekult tips

“Summer vacation!” What a word. We all know it from our school days and somehow surrounds one at the word also always a pleasant feeling: the school stress ended exactly with this one word, all the burden seemed to suddenly fall from our shoulders. Finally we had time for ourselves and our friends. It was a carefree and relaxed time that followed the often unbearable school routine, even if it was only for a few weeks.

Many have enjoyed their first HOLIDAY during the summer vacations. Far away from the usual environment, far away from what you already know. As is well known, travel broadens the horizon, it educates, it makes you more tolerant… but – SUGGESTED – one thing should then please also be on vacation as you are used to it every day:

The morning COFFEE!

We humans are creatures of habit and the older you get, the more reluctant you are to give up what you love!

coffeekult helps you focus on the truly important things during your vacation. With a few preparations, you won’t have to worry about COFFEE anymore. Because with the coffeekult suitcase-packing tips, enjoying great coffee on vacation becomes automatic. You’ll have everything you desire, satisfying your heart’s cravings and your inner creature of habit!”

coffeekult helps you pack your suitcase

“I’m packing my suitcase…” – No, this is not a child’s game; it deals with the seriousness of life because coffeekult doesn’t joke around when it comes to coffee 🙂

I’m packing my suitcase…:

  • Airtight bags!
  • Coffee beans, at its BEST.
  • Grinder
  • Magic Box


Coffee is a food and should be treated as such. It boasts thousands of delightful aromas, which can be excellent for the contents of your suitcase, but please, not the other way around. Worn clothes, smelly socks, perfumes, and various scents in planes, cars, or campers can, of course, impact the coffee’s quality.

coffeekult empfiehlt: 

Our coffeekult coffee roasts can always breathe, which is why there is a valve on each package, but during transport on a plane or in a car, an airtight bag is very important, otherwise foreign odors are quickly absorbed.

Afterwards, however, remove the airtight bag again, because the coffeekult coffee packaging protects the coffee in the normal environment ideal. Please store coffee beans always cool and not in the sun, flavors go down very quickly…


What belongs in every suitcase or travel bag? Coffee, of course. And how should it be? Of course, it should be AT ITS BEST, which means WHOLE BEANS!”

This is the only way you can enjoy your freshly roasted coffeekult coffee for longer, no matter where your travels take you. Ideally, you travel with smaller packages, then you have longer the ideal taste, because flavors do not evaporate so quickly, and you can play better “Tetris” in the suitcase, so the coffeekult packages nicely layered and so also better save space.


With coffee coffeekult knows no fun ( 🙂 ), even less fun with the topic have many countries of this world, or airlines!

  • Airlines: Eurowings, Ryanair, Lufthansa, and whatever they’re all called have NO problem with coffee, as long as it’s not in liquid form (unless it’s a hand pastry)! So, please enjoy coffeekult coffee only in your destination country and, of course, before departure, preferably at home. Liquid products may have limitations. On the plane, it’s best to either sleep or pretend to be asleep when the flight attendants come around with the coffee pot.
  • USA: Since June 30, 2018, it applies to USA travel to observe the so-called powder rule. It may be taken only more 350 ml powdery substances, at least with the hand pastry and there belongs just also POWDER coffee to it, and thus also ground coffee. BUT, as already mentioned: PLEASE stow whole coffee beans in your suitcase – then you don’t have to worry about this problem.
  • EU: The EU makes coffee drinkers happy! Because you are allowed to transport up to 10 kilograms of coffee within the EU borders for your own use. It does not matter whether the transport is in hand luggage or in a suitcase. This rule applies to coffee beans and coffee powder, and of course not to liquid coffee. But a coffee connoisseur never has the latter two with him anyway!
  • NON-EU countries: Please always inform yourself beforehand exactly how the customs regulations look in the country. In Turkey, for example, only 1 kilogram of coffee may be imported, for Switzerland there are no coffee limits.


Anyone who knows coffeekult knows what’s coming next: PLEASE always grind coffee beans fresh, because that’s the only way coffee can develop its best aroma. And what’s the best way to do that? By making beans small – we call it GRINDING 🙂

There is not much magic behind it: Coffee grinders are now available in every price range and therefore for really everyone. It’s an investment that simply pays off.

  • For the sporty ones: No reason to go nuts right away, but with this grinder, you can conjure up the perfect coffeekult coffee with a bit of muscle power and also add a touch of sportiness. That’s just a better way to start the day:
  • For the beautiful and handsome ones: You want to be not only fast when grinding, but also look phenomenal? Then we recommend you this gem, in the true sense of the word. You are beautiful! This mill is also beautiful. What more could you ask for! The coffee will enchant you both and coffeekult coffee truly experience:
  • For the skeptics. You have a hard time deciding, in general and also when it comes to grinding coffee? Would you rather train your muscles or grind like in your sleep? Then this grinder is perfect for you. You’re not quite awake yet, then press the button, you finally want to wake up, then spin happily into the day:


You don’t have to be Harry Potter to pack your suitcase full of magical things. With a “coffee magic kit” you are independent as a coffee lover all over the world, meaning of course a coffee preparation machine.

What exactly that should be, is of course up to you and as many know, coffeekult will help you there too!

  • coffeekult LOVES it: The Aeropress is handy and you can use it anywhere. Anyone who follows coffeekult on the Social-Media-channels knows that we always have this thing with us. On the train, at hotel breakfasts, at trade fairs – with it you get a coffeekult PUSHER. Put freshly ground coffee in it, add water and squeeze the trigger. That’s how you brew perfect coffee:
  • coffeekult DESIRES it: With the Nanopresso, you truly shine wherever you are! Be it on a Tyrolean alpine pasture, at an Italian campsite, whether in civilization or in the most remote corners of the world. With the Nanopresso, you can brew the perfect espresso anywhere, not just with coffeekult coffee but also using our coffeekult coffee capsules:
  • coffeekult ADORES them: this allows you to brew fresh coffee anywhere. coffeekult has tested it multiple times: in Rwanda at the breakfast buffet, on the train to Vienna, or while relaxing on a terrace in Florence. Simply pour hot water over the freshly ground coffee, give it a gentle press, and you’re ready to enjoy:


coffeekult wishes everyone a wonderful HOLIDAY!

(with or without coffee 🙂 )

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