15 years – and not a bit quiet!

coffeekult celebrates birthday

How KAFFEE competence comes to INNSBRUCK/Tyrol?

“Berliner Schnauze”, aka “Tiroler Goschn”!

Cheeky, rough humor, paired with brutal honesty, which is often also spoken unasked. Sorry – that also makes coffeekult. Since 2007 we have been going our COFFEE WAY, with a lot of heart and passion, in the middle of the alpine metropolis Innsbruck. 2022 we celebrate 15 years of coffeekult!

„Tiroler Goschn“ taste?

Question: Do you roast yourselves?

coffeekult answer: “No, the two roasters in the coffeekult coffee roastery are just standing around as a decorative element!”

Question: I would like a dark roast!

coffeekult answer: “Gladly! Up there is the Brenner border to Italy…”

Question: Yes, but it’s so and so and so with coffee….

coffeekult answer: “Yeah then why come to us if you already know everything anyway?”

Question: Do you have something that tastes like Segafredo or Lavazza, that’s so mine!

coffeekult answer: “with wine, you do try different flavors, how about that for coffee for once?”

Question: WHAT! There are so many coffee beans in the world and they all taste different?

coffeekult answer: *speechless*
15 years – and not a bit quiet!

THE coffee-BRAIN, the Hackler:

Remember this face! If the coffeekult coffee doesn’t taste good, you can always blame it. Provided you did everything right during preparation.

Cem Korkmaz is a multiple national and international barista champion, owner & founder of “coffeekult” and – last but not least – coffee lover.

THANK GOD coffee lover, many would say, because actually his heart was for soccer and if he does something, then always with a lot of passion and passion.The round leather will be very jealous by now, because in addition to school Cem has worked in the catering industry and quickly wondered: Why does no one actually deal with the subject of coffee, although it is one of the most interesting products from an economic point of view. Next to crude oil, green coffee is the second most traded product in the world.

spotted; coffeekult as Fan&Sponsor of FC Wacker Innsbruck

Ball became bean!

At least Cem has remained true to his curves. He has swapped his passion for soccer for a passion for coffee, but somehow both still beat in his heart! Coffee is cosmopolitan, soccer is cosmopolitan, both can be combined well.

In the beginning, he dabbled a little bit in the coffee industry and then – finally 2007 has come, it will be THE coffeekult year, because in this year the company COFFEEKULT is born (Yes – you see right, this time we write our name in capital letters!).

From 2007 to 2022 – a full 15 years – coffeekult has now been operating as a small family business in Innsbruck, which has since acquired worldwide coffee expertise.

A 15 year anniversary in the service of the most beautiful secondary matter in the world, and that is of course COFFEE!

15 years – don’t spill the beans, make do!

Because it’s fitting for the 15th anniversary blog post, we get to lay it on thick today!

“For they know not what they do” – so it says in the Bible and also in the movie with James Dean. But Coffeekult knows exactly what we do as coffee experts and baristas.

Today, soon everyone will be calling themselves a barista. This actually Italian job title for coffee makers, is now often used as a hip title for latte art coffee foam beaters or in supposed specialty coffee cafes. Even “bowl barista” is said to exist!

Sorry Guys&Girls – has more to offer: Cem is a multiple national and international barista champion, Austria’s representative at the World Coffee Championships in Colombia and Vienna, certified barista trainer and international championship judge.

Not too serious!

Want another FUN FACT? coffeekult was also young once and needed the money:

In 2011, coffeekult-owner Cem Korkmaz set a new Guinness World Record!

In January 2011, he wanted to know for sure: “How many cappuccini can I make in an hour?” The goal was to beat the then world record of 50 cups. After just 27 minutes, he had served his 51st cappuccino, and after one hour he had served 109! coffeekult set a new world record! Every single cappuccino had to be prepared in first-class and highest barista quality, of course.

By the way – we don’t take ourselves “too seriously”: This world record had a different goal, because as we all know, speed is not what counts when it comes to preparing cappuccino. The money raised went to a good cause, as part of a charity event.

coffeekult as „Spider-Man“

A worldwide network is important and we have been able to expand this in the last 15 years of coffeekult. Our coffeekult network has been expanded and strengthened through Cem’s references, numerous trips to many continents, international orders and visits to trade fairs. coffeekult has been able to build a strong network and partnership with its farmers and producers over the last 15 years!

Here, the interpersonal is there, unlike in large-scale and industrial roasters: coffeekult accompanies the coffee from the bean to the cups.

We source our raw materials directly from the best growing regions in the world, and we have a deep connection with many of our coffee farmers over the years. For example, raw coffee beans from Rwanda, directly imported by a Tyrolean with Rwandan roots, who supports her relatives with this trade. Or organic and fair-trade coffee from the Hernandes family in El Salvador, with whom we have now formed a beautiful friendship.

The whole world of coffee – right in Innsbruck:

In the last 15 years, not only has the passion grown, but also the coffeekult offering around the topic of coffee has steadily expanded: In addition to various freshly roasted coffee beans from all over the world, we also offer you a variety of coffee specialties and Equipment. In Workshops, we have been able to infect many people with our love for coffee and impart the theoretical tools or turn them into milk foam artists who not only have their heart in the right place but can also pour a heart into the cappuccino, among other things.

As a coffeekult coffee roastery, we want to accompany you throughout the day with our coffees, stand by you with competence and passion, and offer you a comprehensive and special pleasure experience – no matter where you are!

Coffee is our passion, our DNA!

To all those who have believed in coffeekult over the past 15 years, weathered many a rough storm with us.

and appreciate and love COFFEE just as much as we do:


… to another 15 years

Raise the cups - 15 years of Coffeekult!

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